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Sony reveals new Playstation 5 controller “DUAL SENSE” |2020|

Sony needs no introduction when it comes to the gaming industry. It is a multinational company with a wide range of businesses. Recently Sony has revealed some further details regarding the controller of PlayStation 5. Let’s know it in detail.

The multinational company has stated that the product is gonna be sent to the game developers so that they are aware of the usage of the controller. The product is wireless and has a dual sense. It has amazing 3d audio and sensations so the users feel what’s actually going on in the game. The product is also made with a built-in microphone to communicate with fellow players.
When it comes to the physical features there have been some changes in the controller when compared to the previous version. The share button has been replaced with the “create” button which offers the same results. Further details about the button will be revealed soon. The controller offers a black and white design that looks very graceful. The company stated that they went through a number of trials and reviews until they reached to this product. Along with that, the size has also been reduced for easy handling.

There has been news floating around by several analysts that the shipping of this product might get delayed due to the pandemic which is probably true and the company must choose the right time for the shipping of these products.

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