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Squid Game Craze: Netflix Sued for Traffic Surge

Well, we all have seen the popularity the Kdrama squid game has gained within a month. Due to its popularity, not only K-drama fans but also non-Kdrama fans have watched this drama and loved it. But this has caused a big problem.
This drama has caused network traffic and a lot of maintenance work because of a lot of international viewers. Due to that, the SKISP SK broadband had sued the nettles to pay for the maintenance costs and internet traffic costs. This has been told by a spokesman from the SK broadband, last Friday, 1 Oct 2021. This was issued after the Seoul court made a statement that in return for all these problems, Netflix should give something reasonable. This cost will go to the network provides and lawmakers of SK have made a protest against tall those people who don’t pay thief bills despite them causing all the network traffic.
In response, Netflix accepted the claim made by the SK broadband and asked them to find ways in the meanwhile so that the viewers are not disturbed.

Due to the squid game’s popularity, it has caused a lot of problems to the country’s 2nd largest generator of data transfer, the first being googles YouTube, as they do not charge any fees. This was said by SK.
Netflix had been underscored due to this show, and all its data which do handle has jumped about 24x the original from the year 2018 to 1.2 trillions data bits processed every second till September. The Netflix production, DP, and squid game have been the major cause of this.
SK broadband said that Netflix was filed a case against it because in the year 2018 it started using the SKs network to help transfer heavy data, high-resolution videos to all over Kore from the Japanese and Hong Kong servers.
But last year, a lawsuit was lodged by Netflix on whether it must pay SK for all the usage of the network, saying that Netflix’s only duty is to crest content that could be accessed by anyone and nothing more. But in return, it was ruled against by the Seoul central district court in June. It was said that SKs only duty is to provide service at a cost and that Netflix should be reasonable enough to pay or provide the server in return.
The estimated fee Netflix had to pay for the network usage is said to be KRW 27.2 billion which is about Rs 170 crores roughly. This was estimated for the year 2020 only as per the court documents.
The fresh proceeding will start in December as Netflix has appealed against this lodge. Netflix also said, on Wednesday, that it had given about 16k jobs to the creation in SK which is about KRW 770 billion, which is about 4840 crores in PKR, and that too only in the investments. In the economic effect, it is about KRW 5.6 trillion, which is about Rs.35,200 crores.

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