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Tekashi 6IX9INE is Back with New Song "Gooba" |2020|

6IX9INE’s real name is Daniel Hernandez. He is not just an American rapper but also a great songwriter. He has been convicted for crimes in the past which may be the reason he has an aggressive style of rapping. Recently Tekashi 6IX9INE has released his brand new song “Gooba” which is getting viral all over the Youtube. So let’s discuss the details of the making of this song.

The song “Gooba” was released on Friday after one week 6IX9INE was released from prison. So this was a big surprise because no one was expecting a great comeback from 6IX9INE. He was sentenced last year of the charge that he had some involvement in some gangs from Newyork. “Gooba” which is his new single is getting a lot of appreciation from his fans. It is pretty much clear that the song was composed and written during his quarantine days in the jail. Some wordings of the song say things like “They sick, been hot way before coronavirus.” The choreographers have tried to make the video as much colorful and make it look attractive to the viewers. On his Instagram live session, he told that he hit 5 million views in 1 hour.

The views on “Gooba” are just skyrocketing on Youtube. Such a comeback shows his commitment and grit for his work. The current trends on Youtube show that this song is soon gonna hit billion of views. The reason is that the composition of the song and the choreography are both made deliberately to hold the audience. We hope that this song would be one of his best compositions.

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