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Tesla Model 3 crashes with a police car?

A Tesla Model 3 (worth $36,000) car got crashed into a stationary police car on Interstate 95 in Norwalk, Connecticut over the weekend. Tesla is the most famous electric car company and changing the world by its vehicles. They are at the top but still, their Auto-pilot feature is not that much better. Even they themselves have announced on their website that when the car is on Auto-pilot, the active driver‘s supervision is still needed.

The crash happens in the early Saturday morning when the police were waiting with a driver of a disabled vehicle for a tow truck when he stopped on I-95 in the city of Norwalk to assist a disabled vehicle that was occupying the left corner lane. The driver put his car on Auto-pilot so that he can check on his dog in the back, and without his knowledge, the car didn’t slow down and crashes into the police car. The police Cruiser has it’s emergency light on, and road flares were placed behind it. After the Model 3 crashes, it kept on going forward and struck the disabled vehicle as well.

The driver was charged for reckless driving and reckless endangerment. But no one got injured, as police stated. It’s for sure that Tesla’s Auto-pilot feature cannot replace the human driver for now. Even on Auto-pilot, the driver has to remain conscious.

This incident raises questions about the Auto-pilot feature of Tesla, which many drivers have complained of not working well in the past. Even though the company doesn’t recommend to set the Auto-pilot and let your hands be free, Elon Musk (Tesla’s CEO) sometimes retweets videos showing hands-free use of auto-pilot. Some drives have even posted videos that show the Tesla’s driver asleep at the wheel while Autopilot is activated.

Connecticut Sen.Richard Blumenthal tweeted about this crash, saying,

It’s not the first time for Tesla. It has also been involved in the past 3 horrible crashes (in the U.S) too. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), a federal safety authority, is investigating incidents caused by the Auto-pilot feature.

 Do you own any Auto-pilot car? Does the feature worth it? How do you use it? Please share your experience in the given section below.

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