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The new upgrade of Windows 10 is amazing

Microsoft, the king of technology, was founded by Bill Gates & Paul Allen on 4th April 1975. It manufactures many techs including laptops, PC, software, gaming console (Xbox) e.t.c. They also tried to make their name in the smartphone world, when they first released their phone in partnership with Nokia, on 25th April 2014. But their smartphones didn’t do well as their rivals Samsung and Apple were already way ahead than them. Finally, in Oct 2017, Microsoft stopped manufacturing their phones which were branded as Lumia (Nokia formally).

But it is most known for its Windows, which is a global success (the most used OS). Microsoft released many windows as:

1. Microsoft DOS
2. Microsoft Windows 95
3. Microsoft Windows 98
4. Microsoft Windows ME
5. Microsoft NT
6. Microsoft 2000
7. Microsoft XP
8. Microsoft Vista
9. Microsoft Windows 7 (The most used windows yet)
10. Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1
11. Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft never wants to be the same for long. After the release of Windows 10, Microsoft didn’t focus much on icons, which kinda made the Windows look a bit boring.

The good news is that Microsoft is redesigning more than 100 icons with new materials, colors, and finishes. The news was already released a year ago when Microsoft changes the icon for office, which users really liked. The icons may not look like a big upgrade. But when 100’s of icons change at once, it will give a new experience to the user.

“With the newest wave of icon redesigns, we faced two major creative challenges,” explains Jon Friedman, corporate vice president of design and research at Microsoft. “We needed to signal innovation and change while maintaining familiarity for customers. We also had to develop a flexible and open design system to span a range of contexts while still being true to Microsoft.”

Mail app, Outlook, Paint, Calculator, and many other apps will now look like if they are from the same manufactures, as their colors will almost be the same. That’s a small change, but sometimes even a small change can make a big difference. The most noticeable change would be the Windows logo. The color of the current logo is flat aqua and also changes according to the background. The new logo’s color would be a mixture of different blue’s, as each block will have a unique blue shade. The shape of the logo will remain the same though.

For now, the upgrades are only for icons.

The new Windows logo and other redesigned icon pictures are released by the Head of Microsoft Office design, Jon Friedman. “From mild to wild, we explored a multitude of design directions and listened to customers around the world. We learned what didn’t resonate with people (flat design and muted colors) and what did (depth, gradations, vibrant colors, and motion), all of which drove our decisions.” The designs for icons were influenced by the Microsoft Fluent Design System.

The same design can also be seen on Windows 10X (Upcoming OS in 2020). Windows 10X is specifically made for the multiple screen PC. This OS will also have the same rounded icons with the same color, material, and depth. It shows that Microsoft is gonna change the Icons to the same ones over all the platforms. These icons made Windows look soo stunning, modern and user-friendly.

 Do those icons look modern? Will you upgrade your Windows to get those? Please share your beliefs in the given section below.

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