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The truth about Jony Ive’s departure?

Jony Ive joined Apple in the early ’90s and because of his skills and unique thinking, he was given the position to guide the design team in 1996. He worked for over 2 decades (20+ years) at Cupertino, which has now come to end as his name has been removed from Apple’s Leadership Page.

In summer, Jony had announced his departure from Apple but later this year. The last days of his work were nothing but a total mystery. He has played one of the most prime roles in Apple’s success over the last 2 decades. He had a prime role in designing products like iPod, iMac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Macbook Air. He has also saved Apple from bankruptcy in the late 1990s and worked very hard to make Apple the most important company in the whole world, which does come true. But because of the impact of the trade war between the U.S & China and the sudden decrease in Apple’s (iPhone 11) sale, it’s place has now been taken down by Microsoft which now worth $1T. Jony said that none of those reasons is the one why he’s leaving. His departure is a huge shock for investors and customers. BTW, Jony is the second employee who left apple after the departure of Angela Ahrendts in April.

Rumors say that Jony got checked out of apple’s product designing a long time ago after getting distracted by the design and construction of the company’s new spaceship headquarter. His departure comes on a time when Apple was building its design for the new iPhone 12. “Even after the departure of Jony Ive, Apple will keep on getting help from him and will also keep working on the on-going projects with the designing team he builds in Apple,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook at the time. He also stated that COO Jeff Williams will now take the responsibility of software and hardware design. As he has the most talented and experienced design team after Jony, that there is no chance someone else would take his place.

Jony will launch his own Creative Agency (in 2020), Lovefrom, in collaboration with Marc Newson (his long-time friend).

Marc has also worked on different projects with Juno like Apple Watch, a Christmas tree, and a diamond ring. For now, everyone’s eye is on Lovefrom. But the relation between Jony and Apple will not suffer. Apple is going to be the first client for Lovefrom. His departure is a benefit for other companies too, as Jony will have no limit to just work for apple. He can now work with Apple on contract but can also work with other companies for their designs too.
Imaginably, the cause he quit and built Loveform is that he desires to make his mark outside the tech industry.


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