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The Voice Blake Shelton Reacts to Rumors of Ariana Replacing Him

Recently there has been a hilarious banter between the coaches of The Voice and here are tidbits of their conversation that you will find funny and friendly.
The Voice has always been a great show to watch, even their behind the scenes and hence this banter is no different. It shows the love and understanding bondings that the celebrities or coaches have that are just admirable.
After the judges got to know about the rumors that Ariana grande is going to kick off Blake Sheldon from the voice and take his place. Here I’ll tell how they responded to it, but Blake’s response was the funniest.

When the rumors were spread, Blake personally texted Ariana, and here is how the scene went. Blake wasn’t pleased, to say the least when he heard that he might lose his seat in the voice if Ariana surfaced success. The rumors stated that NBC is going to permanently place a younger artist than Blake Sheldon, and he wasn’t happy with the news. The said younger artist indicates about Ariana grande as due to her the show’s rating skyrocketed. Blake doesn’t seem too eager to receive the “thank u, next” letter from the voice, it is still fine that these are just unverified rumors.
Even if these rumors are true, I don’t think that Blake, the long-time coach, is just going to give up. That’s why Blake personally texted Ariana on one of her Instagram photos on September 24, to pick a humorous fight. On her recent post of a photo dump, Blake started the fight by giving his unfiltered reaction to the post.
She showed a screenshot of the conversation she and Blake shared, in which he sent her a link to one of the rumored articles. In the conversation, Blake sarcastically thanked her while using the f word censored. In reply, Ariana liked both of his messages and this just shows that neither of them minded these rumors, and still have a beautiful friendship bond between them. And hopefully, it stays that way even if only one of them is going to be in the voice.
On the other hand, you will see Ariana having the time of her life in the voice, she is pretty joyous about being in the voice. She even posted a few pictures with the coaches Blake, Kelly Clark’s son, and the great legend, John Legend with the caption that it’s a wrap of the week one on the voice. She also wrote that she loved the voice and its beautiful coaches and that she can’t wait to be permanently a part of it.
Recently she also told E! News that being a coach I’d harder than it looks, just like how many people think that all you have to do is sit on the seat and from there it’s easy peasy, but that’s not the case at all. She also praised the other coaches that they have been doing it for a long time and they are perfect in it.
Along with that, she also said that she got a warm welcome from Chrissy Teigen, the coach legend’s wife. She said that in the welcome, Chrissy warned Ariana that as she and her kids are big fans of Ariana, it’s going to be hella awkward for her husband to do everyday work with Ariana. Chrissy also posted on social media that it must be awkward for her husband as he knows Ariana’s songs are the most listened to songs in their household and imagined being in his shoes. Now, these were the scenes going on in the voice and how the atmosphere there is.

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