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These Micro robots may soon invade your body

Many new advancements are being made in the field of Micro robots. Robots have no doubt brought a positive change in our life by easing our tasks and reducing work effort. Robots have also made it possible for humans to mass built new technologies at a very fast rate. Recently some researchers have built a microscopic robot and its applications are countless.

Scientists and researchers have successfully built a very tiny microscopic robot which has tiny legs attached to it and is controlled through lasers. A new study published in Nature tells the details about this new tech product. According to the researchers, this is the first microscopic robot that uses semiconductors to ease external remote control. The movements are controlled by lasers and are very close to the microorganisms living inside us. The authors of the study published have admitted that much more enhancement can be made in these microscopic robot in the future but currently  these microscopic robot are not much fast and lack advance computational capabilities.

Such microscopic robot could have the potential to do those things that even human surgeons could not do. These microscopic robot can hunt down fatal microorganisms and viruses that may cause harm to our body. These  microscopic robot might even be used to provide drugs to specific organs and much more. Still, this tech domain has not advanced to an extent where we can start injecting these microscopic robot into human bodies. Fortunately, the pace at which researchers and scientists are working, we can keep high hopes for such advancements to be made very soon.

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