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This Electric car is a danger to Tesla?

Porche AG is an automobile manufacturer based in Germany, specialized in high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans. After this many years, they have finally manufactured their first-ever electric car (will release in 2020).  It was originally announced as the Missin E concept car back in 2015, just days after the news about the Volkswagen scandal brokes, which Porsche was a part of. This model of Porsche is all about performance. You can speed it up from 0 – 60mph in just 3 secs. When you will try to take it off, it will put the two-speed gearbox in it. So that there would be one gear to get you to the line as quickly as possible. After taking off, you will feel it like a SNAP. Yes! it’s that fast.

It may be the first electric car from Porsche, but they have spent a lot of time in manufacturing electric motors. Like Porsche has spent years in putting electric motor technology into its motorsports division, and then transferring that to the road cars like the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid. You may not believe it, but this car has all the specs available in the previous Porsche car. This makes it a 1-in-all specs car. It got the lowest center of gravity too, which makes the turns quite easier, as those turns would be difficult with the other cars. At first, you may not notice. But this car will automatically get switched to the second gear in order to keep delivering the 670HP to the below wheels.

You may haven’t seen that most electric cars spin their electric motors backward when you lift off the throttle. This makes it easier for the energy to feedback into the battery pack, which allows the car to travel farther. At the same time, this also acts as a brake. This scheme is used by electric cars to differing degrees, and few even let the drivers change the aggressiveness of a car’s regenerative braking.  The breaking isn’t as rock-solid as a supercar should have, but it’s still manageable, maybe it’s because of the weight (5,000+ pounds). BTW, when the brake pedal is hit, almost all of its actual regenerative braking done by Taycan and never lets them back end to slip (you may get a feeling of slipping though).

The steering may not be much fun(as it is in other supercars), especially on mountain roads, as you will have to make a lot of (long) turns. The steering feels a little hard to move but still, you will be headed to where you move it. So as you guys know that electric cars are relatively quieter than non-electric ones. but Porsche added the “Electric Sport Sound” function which is a $500 add-on tycoon (basically pipes a more amped-up, futuristic sound an also gives an mp3 in the car). The sound is soo smooth (a bit too smooth) and comfy which will make your extra money worth it. But it may, well, become a problem for the owner, as quieter the car becomes while taking off, you will not be able to notice the speed limit and may well get a ticket from the police.

It’s the first car with native Apple Music. Hey, did we mention that it also has a digital and driver assistant? Behind the steering wheel, theirs a boomerang-shaped digital instrument cluster which looks a lot cooler (probably one of the best digital feature ever seen in a car).

It also has a 10.2 inches (infotainment) touchscreen, which feels quite capable a the touch is also smooth. It soo well built into the dashboard that you may not even notice until it starts. It’s big enough to glimpse navigation or information from Apple CarPlay (no Android Auto though).

Theirs an 8.4-inch touchscreen with haptic feedback (Below the infotainment display on the center console), which is mostly used for climate settings. Though it can also display some other information. This screen is surrounded by a one-inch bezel, which makes it look soo ugly (probably the ugliest screen on the screen). They should add one or two buttons at least, as it is hard to touch the right option and you have to see again and again to where you are clicking


The car charged by the electrify America charges (a network being built out by Volkwagen, which is Porsche pairing company). The Taycan is supposed to be able to charge at a rate of around 270kW, and some of Electrify America’s stalls are able to go as high as 350kW. (Those figures beat out what Tesla’s cars can currently take and what the company’s new third-generation Superchargers can dole out.)

It’s Battery drains %50 after traveling 120 miles. The Charging speed is %50 in 20 minutes. This one worth $150,900 which is obviously out of many people’s hands to pay his much. But they will also release a version which will have some of the specs as this Taycan Turbo have, which will worth less than it. But it may, well, still be around $100,000. The view-point of manufacturing this car was to provide an excellent experience to a driver, even if he drives it like crazy. The parts and mechanics in Porsche Taycan are much stronger than any of their past cars.

     What’s your thought about Porsche’s electric car? Will it be a challenger to Tesla? Please tell us your belief in the given comment section.



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