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This Smart Mask Can Connect to Your Phone

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, usage of face mask has become mandatory for every individual for the safety of him and his family. Along with this many tech companies are also trying to build gadgets which can help the community in order to make their daily lives easier in these tough times.

Recently Donut Robotics is a Japanese tech company which has step forward and made a  smart mask can connect to your phone.

The material used in the mask is good quality plastic and has a built-in Bluetooth transmitter to connect to your phone. It also has the function to make phone calls and it has a built-in translator that will translate Japenese to other languages. It also will have the ability to amplify your voice. This would be a great help for workers who have jobs in which they have to communicate all day with their colleagues. Ordinary masks reduce the vocals and it gets difficult to convey the message clearly. This multifunctional mask has been given the name “C-Mask” by the company. Donut Robotics is planning to expand its sale and will dispatch these masks to China and the United States soon.

Currently, the company is demanding around $40 for each mask. Along with the mask, the user also might have to download a specific application which will enable the mask to connect to the phone hense generating more revenue to the company. Innovations like these are need of the moment and tech companies are coming with great ideas one by one.

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