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This viral Parrot can sing Beyonce’s song

Recently a video of singing parrot is trending on social media. The parrot has become an overnight singing star and people are simply loving it. In the video, the parrot is singing Beyonce’sIf I Were A Boy”.

The name of this parrot is Chico and it can be found at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park. The video was released on sanctuary’s social media platform and from there it became viral. The most beautiful thing is that the parrot was singing with an amazing pitch and soothing vocals which mesmerized the people on social media. Many fans of Beyonce have mentioned that this version of  “If I Were A Boy” is better than the original one. The new fans of this talented parrot are requesting for more songs to be sung.

It looks like the viral video of this singing parrot will continue to hit million of view on Youtube and other platforms.


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