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Tom Cruise is getting old for Action movies?

Tom Cruise, the name everyone in Hollywood knows since his first debut in “Endless Love” (1981). He has always been the most attractive actor in the whole industry. He is well-known for his action movies, especially for his “Mission: Impossible” series. He’s also known as Half-Billion Actor. He has given tons of hit movies and rules on the box office for decades. But recently, he’s being criticized for his age. As he has age 57 now, some people think he’s not suitable now for doing action movies.

A British author Lee Child, who mostly writes thriller novels but best known for his Jack Reacher (Crime Fiction, Mystery & Thriller) series. Cruise has done 2 movies of his series “Jack Reacher” with him. The first part earned about $218M on a budget of $50M. The second part “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” earned about $162.1M on a budget of $60-90M, but was considered to be a flop as it didn’t even earn half of what was invested.

Lee Child says “Tom Cruise is just too old for Action Movies. He Needs To Move On.” In an interview with The Times Of London, when Lee Child was asked about his decision to stop Tom Cruise from playing his rogue investigator role, here’s what he said: “It sounds extremely patronizing, but I think it’s good for him. He’s just too old now for this stuff. He should start doing character acting (like Rain Man & A Few Good Men). He can spend at least 20 years in this industry by doing that. He’s a nice, very considerate & a funny guy. I too like him. But even if I again work with him on the next part of this series, he’s gonna argue against it as he has his investment in it.” He was also against taking Cruise to play Reacher’s role when “Jack Reacher” reboot was announced in 2018.

According to him, he’s doing somewhat favor on Cruise by keeping him from doing action movies. “Cruise, he’s the guy full of talent that no one can ignore, but the physique he has is just kinda old now. I really do enjoy working with him. But the feedback from my readers also matters and I can’t take the risk of taking him for this role this time. The biggest factor is in front of you, his height (5’8) is way too short for that role (6’5).“, he told BBC Radio Manchester.

Now Lee Child is working on making his “Jack Reacher” series a TV adaption on a streaming platform (like Amazon Prime) as he is no longer interested in continuing the franchise with Cruise.
Both times, the director was Christopher McQuarrie for “Jack Reacher’s” series. He also did 3 of his movies like Edge Of Tomorrow, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation & Mission: Impossible Fallout with Cruise. Fallout became the hit and earned more than any of the previous movies of this series. You may get to see the 7th & 8th part of “Mission: Impossible” in the summer of 2021 & 2022.

    Does he really look that old to stop doing action movies or is it just nonsense? Please tell us your belief in the given section.

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