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Tom Felton Sings a Song to Reassure Worried Fans

If you might know, Tom Felton, Harry Potter’s character Draco Malfoy, collapsed and scared his fans to death. On Thursday, tom suddenly collapsed while playing golf in the celebrity golf tournament. This news has made all his fans worried and they are saying that he doesn’t take Care of himself properly.
After the news, fans were dying to know about his health and hence tom posted an Instagram musical update on Saturday, three days after the accident. He captioned the post saying that he is feeling better each day more than the last. The video started with him strumming on his acoustic guitar. In the video, he was seen having a one-sided conversation with his 10.9 million Instagram fans. He started the video by greeting everyone and then he thanked them all for the good wishes they sent. He said what happened earlier on Thursday might have scared a lot of people but now it’s being mended. All thanks to the people who ever taking great care of him. He then once again thanked everyone who sent him messages of getting well soon. Then he started saying in a sing-song voice to all the worried people, alternating the lyrics of the song to “So don’t you worry, tom will be doing fine.”

At the end of the video, he blew a kiss to the fans after reassuring them million times that he is doing fine now, and that he is on the road to recovery. After that, he went back to watching the Ryder cup.
After tom collapsed at the golf, he was immediately rushed off the golf course, whistling straits golf course, which is in Sheboygan, Wis. Why he collapsed is still unclear, even after the medical emergency, as the day before was his birthday and he even posted a picture with the caption that his 33 years are done, and that it’s been so much fun since. He continued saying that even after all the great moments he still thinks that the best is yet to come. He ended the caption with he is thankful for the wishes of his fans and he hopes to keep the good things going.
Even Tom’s representer has not said anything as to what happened for him to collapse.
Even before all this mess, tom has told that he is still in touch with James and Oliver Phelps, his harry potter co-stars Fred and George, and that whenever they play golf he most of the time gets beaten by them.
He also said that he is close with them and they often share beautiful deep conversations for short periods as they cannot stay serious for long.

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