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Top 10 Fiercest Met Gala Looks 2021

Most of you must be familiar with the Met Gala and its purpose. But for those who don’t know, the Met Gala is an annual function where a theme is given and different actors, models or famous people have to dress to their best accordingly. This helps to show the creativeness of designers and the model’s ability to carry that. The Met Gala helps to raise the fund of the costume institute. In the Met Gala, all the people participating try their best to dress up and be on the media coverage.
Now, here are some of the best, unique, fiercest outfits that follow the theme of the Met Gala this year, which was American independence.
Eiza González
If you have seen the Met Gala 2021, then you must have seen Eiza as well because she was looking iconic in her scarlet red gown, and not just a simple gown, it was a Versace. She was looking stunning, and she rocked that look with the prettiest shade of red, the long thigh slit, and the small train that made everything royal. She wore matching red matte lipstick and natural makeup that made her stand out in the crowd.

What can you expect from Maluna, other than for him to look dashing? His style wasn’t that big shot but the way he carried it out with grace and his stature made it stand out. His concept was of a vampire cowboy, an idea similar to JLO, that had a bedazzled glove with the red pantsuit. This glove had his album’s name in it, Papi Juancho.

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson’s dress was a contribution to his father and the 9/11 victims. He wore a white blazer with a simple black shirt underneath, but what’s surprising is that he wore a black sleek skirt with black lining as bottoms, and who knows whether or not he wore underwear. In an interview, he said that his outfit is that of a hot nun, and he was nervous about debuting in the Met gala with this dress, but he rocked it. Well, who wouldn’t after all his outfit was made by Thom Browne.

Lourdes Leon
Lourdes Leon, 24-year-old, daughter of Madonna, made her debut in the Met gala 2021 with a striking pink bra top and the same colored skirt that pools at her feet. But what surprised everyone was that she flaunted her armpit hair at the Met Gala, and broke the stereotypes that women shouldn’t have hair on their bodies. Leon had her belly button piercing on display with knee-length jet black hair extension. Her dress was designed by Moschino’s Jeremy Scott.

Paloma Elsesser
Paloma wore a beautiful scarlet gown with matching makeup, red eyeshadow, and beautiful red lips, the red color looked dreamy on her chocolate skin. The way her hair was done was perfection that made the dress stand out with her perfect model-like poses and not to mention her finger wave that gave the old Hollywood vibe.

Ariana Debose
Ariana wore beautiful off-the-shoulders with thin straps, glittery silver beaded dress, made by Michael Kors for his 2022 spring collection. This took 285 hours in total to create his masterpiece as it was handmade and who else other than Ariana seems fit for doing a little bit of modeling in his dress.

Joan Smalls
Joan Smalls’ dress was the definition of simple, graceful and sparkly. She wore a white gown that pools at her feet and was bare from the shoulder. Her dress was worthy of being worn at a wedding while walking down the aisle.

Jennifer Lopez
While most of the actresses or models choose gowns or beautiful dresses, Jennifer wore cow-girl dresses and showed the wild side of America. Hse nailed that look with a cowboy hat, that gigantic medallion necklace, and the fur coat just made it look all the wilder, especially the v-neck. Her dress was made by Ralph Lauren, with the addition of belts she looked feral.

Camila Cabello
Camila Cabello came to the Met Gala with Shawn Mendes, with him in an open leather jacket and her in a purple crop top and a matching skirt that were both glittery. Her purple eye shadows with glitters looked amazing and went well with the dress. Her dress was made by Michael kors. The thigh-high slit looked great on her with her knee-length hair open and wavy. The fact that Camila was bare of any jewelry added that she doesn’t need them to enhance her beauty or the way she carries herself.

Rosalia once again showed that nothing can beat her in a red dress. Her short leather dress, and a long train of the cape, and the long fringes have captured all the camera’s attention. Her dress was made of leather with the same materials as gloves. She was signed by Rick Owens. Her high boots are similar to the ones that lady gaga wore about 10 years ago. Her dark hair played a major role in popping out her dress more.

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