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Top 3 5g network of future – 2020

It is obvious that the 4g network which we are using right now will be transitioned to 5g network in the future. 5g network will unlock all the possibilities that the 4g network couldn’t. There are many companies who have promised to launch a 5g network. So, on which network we should invest? Let’s find out


The net worth of Xilinx is 22 billion dollars. This amount speaks volume about the standards of this tech company.  Xilinx technology is passionate about solving all the issues that may hinder the performance of the network. Xilinx focuses on providing ease for all the IoT devices that will run on a 5G network. So overall Xilinx is among the finest companies to invest on. Recently this company proved its worth when it signed a contract with Samsung.

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How FPGA design helped me in my other classes? – Just in case IG doesn't know, I'm currently a student. One of the classes im taking is a digital circuit design class using FPGAs. Another course is a programming class where algorithms and programming concept are taught. – I had a programming homework assignment I needed to get done. To briefly explain the assignment, there was a range (fairly large numbers, 10000+) and certain characteristics needed to be found for numbers in range. Part of this assignment had a "prime check" function. I initially had an program that worked and was able to complete the assignment successfully, but decided to submit it the following day. – Now to FPGAs. FPGAs are comprised of logic block that contain flip-flops, multiplexers, and look-up tables (LUTs). A LUT is basically a table that determines what the output is for any given input(s). So input -> output. One key thing about this: it is fast! So consider the AND gate truth table. A LUT would be synthesized to have the 4 possible combinations of the inputs for an with the only output '1' for when both inputs are '1'. – Back to programming class. I had just finished an FPGA assignment and thought about implementing the primality check by initially storing prime numbers in range in a look up table. Did this and cannot even compare. For an input of up 50,000 numbers, there was a time difference of 10+ seconds (that is alot of time in computers). – Long story, pick up a cheap FPGA just for the sake of learning (recommend iceStick). You never know how and where the low-level constructs can be applied. Plus, its super interesting. – #embedded #embeddedsystems #fpga #xilinx #vivado #digitalcircuits #computerengineering #computerarchitecture #riscv #microprocessor #firmware #hardware #software #rtl #digitaldesign #digitalcircuits #verilog #hdl #alu #registers #memory #lookuptables #efficiency #synthesis

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Omitting Qualcomm when it comes to 5 g network will be a huge injustice. This company too signed a contract with Apple in 2019. According to the contract, Qualcomm will provide chips to Apple. These chips will help Apple to make 5g network-enabled in the iPhones. There is no doubt that all the iPhone users demand a faster network considering the current global conditions. Online Exams require faster internet availability which only 5g network can fulfil.


Ericsson is a Swedish giant tech company which also ranks among the top companies to provide 5g services to customers. They are providing services to 2.5 billion customers. The company is working hard to make swift progress in its 5g services. The company’s estimated net worth for May 2020 was 29.27 billion dollars. Ericsson is quite confident to provide excellent services to almost all 5g devices and make them perform at their optimum level.




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