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Top 3 airlines of 2020

Everyone wants smooth and comfortable air travel. There are many airlines which do not meet the basic standards of a good airline but there are also some airlines which will make your air travel one of the finest experiences of your life.

The top 3 airlines of 2020 are the following.

3) Emirates Airways

Emirates has also made its name among the best airlines you can think of. The airline provides you with membership opportunity which will allow you to have all the benefits. The cool thing is that you can have the membership downloaded on your phone easily. You will have three options for travel. One of which is the first class which is the most luxurious spot. The rest is the business and the economy. The airline has one of the finest aircraft in its possession including Boeing 777, Emirates A380 and Emirates Executive.

2) JetBlue Airways

Keeping you safe is the commitment of JetBlue Airways. It has made itself a reputable airline because of the amazing services it has been providing to the passengers for a long time. The inflight experience is the best thing about Jet blue airlines. If you are a foodie then JetBlue airways will be the perfect choice for you. Best brands of snacks, beverages and fresh salads will be served to you. This airline also gives you decent travel packages to eliminate extra charges of yours.

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1)Delta airline

Delta airline no doubt ranks first among all the airlines. It has 5 air crafts including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer and McDonnell Douglas which have further multiple models. When we talk about onboard experience, Delta airline makes sure to provide you with a comfortable journey which will make you feel at home. You will encounter a luxurious flatbed seat where you can have a relaxing sleep. You are welcomed with fresh cocktails and later you are served with fresh dishes of your own choice.

So overall, Delta airline is ahead with a great margin.


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