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Top 3 Cryptocurrencies – 2020

Many of us are still wondering how a considerable percentage of people are earning a good amount of money through Cryptocurrency. This percentage of people involves young people too. We are encountering news daily that how teenagers are becoming millionaires through Cryptocurrency. There is a list of cryptocurrencies in the market but today we will share with you the “Top 3 Cryptocurrencies of 2020”.


3) Ripple

On the third rank is Ripple cryptocurrency. Ripple offers open-source software which means that Ripple is free to access. If you want to send your payments to respective bitcoin addresses, Ripple is there to assist you. It also provides you with the option of digital asset exchanges. The swift speed of transaction from banks makes Ripple one of the fastest cryptocurrencies for transactions. The handling capability of transactions is also quite fast i.e. 1,500 transactions per second.

2) Ethereum

No doubt Ethereum is one of the cryptocurrencies which faced difficulty in the past. It lost a percentage of 85 % in its value in 2018. Still, Ethereum remains to be in the competition and made itself rank among the top 3 Cryptocurrencies. Ethereum has managed to do a partnership with big brand companies like Intel and Microsoft. According to some predictions, Ethereum will be worth $11,375 for the year 2020.


Bitcoin introduced the concept of cryptocurrency to the world so it is the pioneer in this domain, and you can simply call it the father of cryptocurrencies. The standards of bitcoin are much higher when compared to other cryptocurrencies. Also, the probability of gaining profit from bitcoin is also higher when an investor invests on it at the right time. The owner of bitcoin has the freedom to hide its identity and the transaction fees are also very much low when you are using Bitcoin. When it comes to its worth, currently 1 Bitcoin is worth 34,378.72 Qatari Rial.

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