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Top 3 dating apps – 2020

3) OkCupid

OkCupid ranks among the finest dating apps on smartphones. OkCupid demands more information about you and your preference to reach the best matches for you. It will also rate your match with a specific person. The higher the percentage the more compatible that respective match would be. You also have the option to link OkCupid to your Instagram account.


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2) Facebook Dating App

If you are already a Facebook app user, then “Facebook Dating App” is for you. This dating app feature is already built into the Facebook app. You simply go to the menu, hit the “Dating” option. and there you go. The rest of the process is just about providing information about your preferences regarding the partner you are looking for. Now the Facebook Dating App has an edge as compared to other dating apps because of the availability of your previous data. That data would be the kind of friends you have on your Facebook, the pages and people you have liked and followed. All this information will help to find the approximate preference of yours.

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1) Tinder

When we talk about dating apps, tinder ranks top on the list. It’s been available for a long period to the users. Not only this app has proved to keep alive long-distance relationships but also has resulted in many successful marriages. The app just needs a simple sign up to make you a part of Tinder community. The best thing about Tinder is that it’s super easy and convenient. You just need to swipe to find a perfect match for you.


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