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Top 3 endangered animals

With every coming year, many animal species are coming closer to the brink of becoming extinct. The biggest threat for all the endangered species around the world is human. This is because of the attitude of humans towards mother earth. Humans have a big history of attempts of mass deforestation and poaching. Climate change is also because of the activities humans carry on Earth.


Vaquita is a marine animal which is very small in size as compared to other marine animals.  IUCN is the organization which announced that Vaquita is an endangered species. This statement was first made in 1996. Illegal fishing and usage of gillnets to fish totoaba has played the main role due to which many Vaquita have lost their lives.

Amur Leopard

When we talk about preserving big cats, Amur Leopard comes top in the list. They are the most endangered species from the family of big cats. They are so much endangered that IUCN has put their name in red list. According to sources only around 100 adults, Amur Leopards are left in forests.

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The gharial is another critically endangered species which belong from the crocodilian family. It has also been mentioned in the red list by IUCN. From 1930, the numbers of this unique creature are declining and now around a hundred to three hundred gharials are left in the world. Again the reasons for this situation is because of the cruel activities carried by humans. They either get entangled in fishing nets or get killed by poachers.

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