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Top 5 Cafe in Lyon

People find men of enjoyment to relax from the burden of work. All the week they work hard for their assignments but they have kept the weekend or the time after work to have rest from work and entertainment. Lyon is the most romantic city in France having a lot of entertainment based places.
The people need such a place where they can take a sip of coffee after performing heavy work. For this purpose, they remain in finding the resources where they can enjoy and get rid of the stress from the burden of work. They want to know about the top 5 cafes in Lyon. In response to the query what is the top 5 cafe in Lyon, here are the top 5 cafes in Lyon as follows:

1. Puzzle Cafe:
The Puzzle Cafe is one of the top 5 cafes in Lyon which provide the Wi-Fi facility. So you can enjoy the internet during the process of your order. It is situated at 4 Rue de la Poulaillerie, Lyon. There are several tables available for the customers in Puzzle Cafe. You can also sit outside the Puzzle Cafe to have the best enjoyment of the atmosphere. If there are too many people standing for the coffee, you can place an order for a coffee and leave the counter. It is open except Sundays.

2. Slake:
The Slake is one of the top 5 cafes in Lyon which is also open on Sundays. You don’t have to miss the enjoyment even on Sundays as it also provides the services on Sundays. It is situated at 9 Rue de l’Ancienne Prefecture, Lyon. The Slake is the best cafe that also offers other beverages for the customers. Once you visit Slake, you will visit again and again.

3. Jeannine & Suzanne:
The Jeannine & Suzanne is situated at 34 Rue Sainte-Helene and is one of the top 5 cafes in Lyon having a lot of dishes along with tea for the customers. It offers also a large number of drinks. Jeannine & Suzanne is a very outclass cafe serving very differently than others.

4. My Petite Factory:
My Petite Factory is one of the top 5 cafes in Lyon which offers the food which has been made keeping in view the dietary aspects and you can eat the food without the danger of getting fat. My Petite Factory also provides some other tasty foods such as soap, sandwiches, etc that you would not like to miss.

5. La Boite a Cafe:
The La Boite a Cafe exists in La Croix Rousse and is one of the top 5 cafés in Lyon which has several best chairs for the customers. It is situated at 3 Rue de l’Abbe Rozier and provides the Wi-Fi facility for its customers. It also provides some other food like a cake using the Mokxa formula which is a famous goods provider in the market. It also provides a wifi facility for the customers.

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