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Top 5 Food in Marseille

There are several activities of enjoyment in Marseille, France. People have a large variety of perceptions which they have been kept after finishing the official work. There are huge numbers of entertainment for the people which they wait anxiously and want to enjoy a lot. One of them is to enjoy the best food in Marseille.
There are several best food in Marseille having delicious taste which makes people fool. Marseille food has become the weakness of the people for its great taste. People rush towards the top food in Marseille as they become free from official work or in the break time when they feel a high hunger. They also try to find a way of having a superb food in Marseille. Here are the top 5 food in Marseille as follows:

1. Bouillabaisse:
The Bouillabaisse is a cultural fish dish in Marseille and is one of the top 5 food in Marseille. It was invented in the eighteenth century by a man who was trying to capturing the fish through the net. The Bouillabaisse has later gained the popularity of the world-famous and delicious fish dish in the world. It has become as famous as it was found in every hotel easily.

2. Ricard:
The Ricard was invented by Paul Ricard and is one of the top 5 food in Marseille. It is manufactured based on the plant anise. Paul Ricard used three plants such as anise, Provençal and fennel to get the final recipe of this mixture in 1932. Then he launched it into the market as pastis. As pastis meets with water, the drink excludes its oil which is used from anise and builds a differentiated condition. It can be tastier if you use it along with the juice.

3. Picon:
Picon may be recognized as a liquid having orange taste and is used along with beer. It is one of the top 5 food in Marseille which was invented in 1932 by Gaetan Picon. Picon is one of the most used products to have great fun. It is a product that is packed with beer and is a compulsory item to use with beer to enjoy a lot.

4. Piedspaquets:
Piedspaquets is one of the top 5 food in Marseille having a delicious taste. The Piedspaquets is a dish of Marseille and Sisteron jointly. It includes garlic, salt, and onion. The Piedspaquets was launched at that time when there was a limited resource in food. Now, this best food is made one day before the usage and it has a requirement to cook it till the seven hours minimum.

5. Soup De Poisson A La Rouille:
Soup De Poisson A La Rouille is not a costly food and everyone can eat it very easily. It is a fantastic soup of France having the same characteristics as to bouillabaisse. Normally it is made along with the white fish resulting in a delicious soup using tomatoes, garlic, oil, olive, etc. This soup may be served along with the fantastic form containing bread, garlic, egg, olive oil, tomatoes, etc. The Soup De Poisson A La Rouille is a very famous dish of the Marseille.

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