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Top 5 Food in Paris

Paris has gained the popularity of being the best food city in France. There are highly skilled persons are found in the restaurant in Paris. There is another positive point that goes to the food in Paris that there is always a concept of adding a new dish into the food list. There are beautiful and cultural food making hotels are servicing highly in the whole city. Another reason behind the popularity of Paris food is that its food has a characteristic of being a cooking guideline. It also contains a superb diet food which contains the health and prevents from generating extra calories in the body. People eat it without any danger of being fat and enjoy the delicious taste a lot. Here are some top 5 food in Paris as follows:

1. Steak Frites:
The Steak Frites is one of the top 5 food in Paris having a great taste. It is a very popular dish int the world for its great taste as it is eaten in other countries also. It is quite simple and every person in Paris wants to eat this delicious dish. It is one of the important types of top 5 food in Paris which is served as a dish in hotels in Paris. The ingredients of one of the most famous top 5 food in Paris include butter of four tablespoons, beef, salt, and water, etc.

2. Oysters:
The Oysters is one of the top 5 food in Paris which is considered as food found at locations near the sea. Oysters are found at the are of the sea. People of Paris are fond of Oyster. To take the Oyster, firstly you have to take an Oyster, add lemon in it and you can eat it on the skin. I am sure you will like this expertise.

3. Macarons:
The Macarons is another one of the top 5 food in Paris having a delicious taste. The people have updated their list of things to do in Paris, France before they arrive here. One of the lists of things to do in Paris contains as Macarons. Laduree Macarons is the most famous type of Macarons and it appears as a sandwich. The Macarons contains the ingredients as one cup of sugar, one cup of almond, 3 eggs, salt about one tablespoon, etc.

4. Quiche:
In Paris, the Quiche is one of the top 5 food in Paris having a delicious taste. Quiche is one of the cultural eaten food in Paris. People in Paris love this dish and use to eat a lot. Its ingredients include milk and heavy cream, feta cheese, eggs, milk as /required, you can also include meats, seafood, vegetables, etc.

5. Escargots:
The Escargots is one of a well known top 5 top food in Paris which was founded in 1949. It is based on getting fresh snails. There are a lot of procedures to make snail but a very familiar method is as butter and herb, a well-known plant used for making attractive food. Its ingredients indicate as butter, snail, garlic, salt, pepper, etc.

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