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Top 5 Foods in Nantes

People wait for tourism anxiously just to have fun. They wish to see the most beautiful places in the world to rest from the stress. They have to face heavy stress due to heavy work during the long week. The weekend is the opportunity to remove stress and enjoy life a lot. The happiness of tourism not only consists of visiting historical places but also having the best food.
Nantes is the city of France which is famous for the best foods in the world. People are keen to move to Nantes for the top 5 foods in Nantes. Top 5 foods in Nantes contains an attraction for the people. The top 5 foods in Nantes are enclosed here:

1. Rigolettes:
Rigolettes is one of the top 5 foods in Nantes and if you are keen on sweet dishes, Rigolettes is best for you. Rigolettes is a sweets dish best for the people who have a digestion problem and aim to take sweets having fewer calories and the best digestive. Charles Bohu was its creator. In the beginning, Rigolettes was crispy packed along with fruit jelly. There were cultural ingredients used for Rigolettes such as pineapple, blackcurrant, lemon, raspberry, etc. Today Rigolettes are found in extraordinary forms.

2. Petit Beurre
Petit Beurre is such and one of the top 5 foods in Nantes which surly will not bore you in any case. Petit Beurre is such a crispy and tasty biscuit that will attract you a lot. Once you eat it, you will eat it again and again. Petit Beurre is made of butter and has a delicious taste which attracts the people to eat a lot. It continuously moves in the life of the people regularly daily.

3. Berlingots:
Berlingots are such wonderful and rated in the top 5 foods in Nantes. It is a sweet dish having ingredients of different foods and is known as the identity of Nantes. It is the most famous sweet dish of Nantes. It was created in the nineteenth century. Its form is so sweet, people very immediately find it.

4. Gateau Nantais:
Gateau Nantais is an invention of 1820. It is a sweet cake having superb taste and flavor attracts the people a lot and is regarded as one of the top 5 foods in Nantes. The ingredients of Gateau Nantais are eggs, almonds, wheat, butter, sugar, etc. Several methods exist to prepare it and you can make it at your home conveniently.

5. Cure Nantais:
Cure Nantais is also known as Regal des Gourmets and considered in one of the top 5 foods in Nantes. This cheese was invented in the nineteenth century and can be identified by its yellow color. Its ingredients are regarded as bread, butter, etc. It is considered in the top-rated cheese of the Nantes.

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