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Top 5 Foods in Nice

The people have great hope of enjoying a weekend at a historical place by entertaining themselves. They have kept the weekend to have enjoyment at a beautiful place in the world. They regularly update a list of things to do at tourism. One of the important things to enjoy a weekend at a historical place includes the best food in the world.
Nice is a beautiful city in France having famous for stunning places to visit. The people want to know about the top 5 foods in Nice as soon as possible. They are crazy for the top5 foods in Nice as they remain in search of the top 5 foods in Nice. Here are the top 5 foods in Nice as follows:

1. Socca:
Socca is also known as Farinata and is considered as one of the top 5 foods in Nice. Chickpea seeds are included in the ingredients of Socca, which is the name of the protein. If you have a digestion problem or diet conscious and want to take foods having fewer calories, Socca is the best food for you to eat. Socca is a cultural food that has been made through an oven at normal heat. If you take a slice of Socca, you will not live to eat it more and more.

2. Farcis Niçois:
The other name of Farcis Nicois is Les Petit Farcis as it is included in the list of top 5 foods in Nice. The ingredients of this tasty vegetable indicate as pieces of beef and rice. Farcis Nicois is generally is the best food for you as compare to other foods if you are a diet conscious and wish to eat such food which has fewer calories and instantly digests. The other ingredients of Farcis Nicois indicate as tomato, egg, zucchini, etc. You can enjoy this superb food in the summer season a lot having very fewer calories and superb digestion.

3. Pissaladiere:
The Pissaladiere is a very important and one of the top 5 foods in Nice having anchovies in its ingredients. The Pissaladiere is extraordinarily delicious food that has superb tasting as compared to other dishes. The Pissaladiere is bread also included onion and olive oil in its ingredients. Pissaladiere was considered in the past as a wonderful breakfast and now it is regarded as a superb lunch and dinner.

4. Pan Bagnat:
Pan Bagnat is as famous as one of the top 5 foods in Nice as it is available in Nice at every restaurant easily. Pan Bagnat is the tastiest sandwich that can be used for a superb lunch. The ingredients of Pan Bagnat indicate as anchovies, eggs, vegetables, olive oil, etc. Pan Bagnat is one of the best dishes in Nice.

5. La Daube Niçoise:
La Daube Niçoise is such a famous and one of the top 5 foods in Nice that it is easily available at every palace in Nice. The ingredients of La Daube Niçoise indicate beef, vegetables, etc. The other ingredients of La Daube Niçoise may be as cayenne pepper, mushrooms, etc. Such ingredients add more charm to the taste of La Daube Niçoise. If it is served along with a drink, you will not live without enjoying such a superb meal.

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