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Top 5 Foods in Strasbourg

People have set their minds to refresh themselves and diminish the stress which they have to face during the working days at the office. They work hard all the working hours at the office honestly in the hope to enjoy the vacations or weekends at a historical place. The enjoyment at a historical place without a superb food cannot be entertained. In the mind of people, top food is also compulsory at a stunning place in the world.
Strasbourg is the most beautiful city in France which is full of dazzling places along with a superb meal. People search highly for the top 5 foods in Strasbourg. According to the basis of these top 5 foods in Strasbourg, they decide to enjoy tourism. Here are the top 5 foods in Strasbourg as follows:

1. Choucroute Garnie:
Choucroute Garnine is a wonderful and one of the top 5 foods in Strasbourg. It is wonderful food which becomes more delicious when you add sausage and potato in it. The sausage put more charm to the joy of Choucroute Garn while potatoes can be cooked finely which can enhance the joy of the visitor.

2. Cheese:
Cheese is another one of the top 5 foods in Strasbourg. Usually, cheese is very rich in taste. You can recognize the taste of cheese when you inherit its smell. There are many types of cheese but the most which you would like most is the cheese which contains beer in its ingredients. Cheese add more charm to the refreshment of the meal.

3. Macarons:
Macarons is a very gorgeous dish having a delicious taste and is one of the top 5 foods in Strasbourg. All the foods which contain salt, have a gorgeous taste but France is famous for its sweet dishes. Macaron which becomes more delicious by adding coconut and surprisingly considered as one of the best foods of France.

4. Baeckeoffe:
Baeckeoffe is amazing and one of the top 5 foods in Strasbourg. Baeckeoffe is a very gorgeous dish for you. Its ingredients indicate as a vegetable, meat, potato, wine, etc. You may collect meat and vegetable and after gathering it you put the further process to cook it. You can hand over meat and vegetable to your cook or can cook yourself. Its an easy and wonderful dish to have a superb meal. Once you eat it, you never forget it.

5. Flammekueche:
Flammekueche is one of the top 5 foods in Strasbourg which is similar to Pizza but not Pizza. Its shape is similar to Pizza but the taste is different. It is very simple food but can fill you as once you eat it, there is no need to go to eat any other place for the whole day. Its ingredients contain pastry, onion, a slice of bacon, etc. You can move towards a hotel of Flammekueche to have it and dispose of your next eating activities.

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