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Top 5 Fortnite Items Gone Forever


This powerful gadget was used to fire electric bursts to the opponents. Such electric bursts were quite fatal for the opponent and would cause a lot of damage. Only “supply drops” was the place where you could get Zapotron from. So overall it was a very powerful gun for Fortnite players. On October 5th, 2017, Fortnite announced on twitter that they are going to disable Zapotron saying that it doesn’t fit the current state of battle royale.

X-Force storm wing plane

This was the first aerial vehicle introduced in Fortnite. It was introduced in season 7. This aerial vehicle would allow you to smash through objects smoothly. The plane was disabled in season 8 which was very disappointing for the Fortnite lovers.

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Tbh I miss the Stormwing Plane 😅

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Jet Pack

Which game player doesn’t want to fly in the sky and hunt the enemies down? This item would allow players to fly and hover around the air and from there they can shoot the enemies. Later it was confined to only limited time modes. Jet Pack was creating more competition as players could shoot their enemies from a distant spot.

Eon skin

This item was released along with the supervision of Microsoft. It was a promotional item and was included in Xbox too. If you haven’t tried the Eon skin before, there are very fewer chances for it to be released in the future.

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Guided Missile Launcher

This item was initially released in season 3. The item was a remote controller missile launcher. You would have tried it in GTA games. The cool thing about this missile was that you could ride on it too.

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