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Top 5 Hiking in Montpellier

People have kept their enjoyment on vacations when they will get relax from the burden of work. People have to face heavy burden during the working days at the office and they have set their minds to celebrate the vacations at the most stunning place across the world. The world’s most beautiful places attract people a lot to visit and they wish to fly over there as soon as possible.
Montpellier is one of the top beautiful cities of France having several places to visit. People search several times to know about the top 5 hiking in Montpellier just to get relief in vacations and breathe in the cool air of nature. These top 5 hiking in Montpellier is very helpful for them to develop a tour. The top 5 hiking in Montpellier are as follows:

1. Pic Saint-Loup:
Pic Saint-Loup is a wonderful hill to visit and is one of the top 5 hiking in Montpellier. The location of Pic Saint-Loup is in the north of Montpellier. It is superb hiking in Montpellier and presents you with a wonderful look at the palace. There is no extra cost is required for hiking at Pic Saint-Loup just you need to have a shoe for climbing at the Pic Saint-Loup. You may climb at the top of the mountain within one hour.

2. Chateau:
Chateau is a superb place and is one of the top 5 hiking in Montpellier. Chateau is a wonderful place to visit which was established between the seventeenth century to the eighteenth century by a rich man. There are amazing hotels in Chateau welcoming to the people to come here and enjoy. People can come here through the tourist office of Montpellier towards Chateau De La Mogere and Chateau De Flaugergues which is the most famous place of Montpellier to see. These increase the beauty and attraction of Montpellier.

3. Tour at Wine:
The tour at Wine is a wonderful one of the top 5 hiking in Montpellier. Montpellier possesses Chateau which people die to visit mostly. A large number of institutions spread around Montpellier presenting a possibility to enjoy a tour towards Wine a lot. You can entertain yourself at Wine along with enjoying the site.

4. Jardin des plantes de:
Jardin des Plantes is an amazing and one of the top 5 hiking in Montpellier. It is one of the old parks presenting the beauty of Europe. It was the first park which was established very earlier in France. There was a lecturer of botany and anatomy at Montpellier University named Pierre Richer de who established this superb place for the visitors to enjoy in 1593. There were no charges to enter in the Jardin des Plantes. The Jardin des Plantes presents a gorgeous look and fragrance of love for the visitors to entertain themselves here a lot. The location of Jardin des Plantes is 57 Rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris, France.

5. River Lez:
The River Lez is a very stunning indicating itself as one of the top 5 hiking in Montpellier. The River Lez is a very beautiful place to visit. It flows smoothly in the center of the city Montpellier. If you have visited a site in Montpellier and want to see the more beautiful site of the city, surely you should move towards River Lez which will attract you a lot and you would not like to leave it. At the site of River Lez, you will be admired to see the wonderful attraction of the Montpellier and enjoy a lot. It is a river that crosses through Montpellier and is a cause to see the Saint-Clement-de-Riviere. It streams towards the Sea at Palavas-Les-Flots.

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