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Top 5 Hiking in Nice:

People wait for the vacation to enjoy the journey at a historical place in the world. The people look forward to the top 5 hiking in Nice just to making vacations superb. They continuously remain searching for the top 5 hiking in Nice until they do not find it. Here are the top 5 hiking in Nice:

1. Grande Traversee des Alpes/GR5:
Being one of the top 5 hiking in Nice, a long term hiking in Nice for about more than six hundred fifteen kilometers. Its path can lead you towards its destination in approximately twenty-five to thirty days till the completion. It is best suitable for people who have developed to enjoy their vacations in historical places.
You can refresh yourself at different places on the way and move forward further. There are also places for entertainment through delicious foods as well as famous drinks. You can stay at hiking to enhance the joy and breathe in the cool air of Nice as more as possible.

2. Mercantour National Park:
Mercantour National Park is a wonderful place to see during vacations. It explores as one of the top 5 hiking in Nice. It enhances the journey at six hundred fifty square kilometer lengths at Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and Alpes-Maritimes of France. It took one and point thirty hours to reach from Nice. It has a huge line of trees on the way. The people who wish to spend vacations at a stunning place will love the Mercantour National Park having a division of eight valleys and some towns. Mercantour National Park is located at 06006 Roubion France.

3. Saorge:
Saorge is another one of the top 5 hiking in Nice. There are one hundred towns on the top of the hill presenting the beauty of the city. Saorge is a very beautiful town from all of the one hundred towns situated at the mountain. It is situated on the upper side of the Roya River. It is located at Nr. N 2204, 06540 Saorge France.

4. Peille and Baudon Peak:
The hills are said Baous in France. It is a hill that commences at a distance of thirty minutes from Nice. The first town is Peille which will lead you towards the mountain Baudon Peak. It consists of one thousand two hundred sixty four-meter height up the sea. It took four hours to reach the town of Peille. Pelle is known as another town located between Menton and Monaco.

5. Baou Saint Jeannet:
At Cote d’Azur, Baou is said to a mountain. It exists at a height of three hundred meters in a little village Saint Jeannet. Baou is one of the top 5 hiking in Nice presenting a gorgeous view of the city. It is situated at a distance of thirty minutes from Nice. Saint-Paul de Vence is the name of another town famous for art designing.

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