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Top 5 Hiking in Strasbourg

People are very conscious about tourism. They want to have proper knowledge about the most stunning places in the world before they fly over. They have to wait for a long time to rest from heavy work till the vacations. They have set a roadmap to celebrate the vacations at a historical place to enjoy a lot. They keep searching for the world’s most beautiful places to enjoy tourism a lot.
The Strasbourg is a very awesome city in France to visit in order to fulfill the perception of satisfaction. People ask about the top 5 hiking in Strasbourg and go for it. After getting proper knowledge about the top 5 hiking in Strasbourg, they move further steps to enjoy their vacations very well. The top 5 hiking in Strasbourg are as follows:

1. Petite France:
Petite France is a wonderful being one of the top 5 hiking in Strasbourg. The location of Petite France exists in Strasbourg in the east of France and at the end in the west of Grand Le which is the name of another historical desert island. It has been gained huge a level of popularity among the Grand Le. Petit France exists at that point where Le river divided into several canals. Where the area of Petit France diminishes, the Ponts Couverts commences which was established from the tenor of 1190 to 1439. Here is a very famous hotel to stay named as Hotel La Cour d’Alsace.

2. Mont Sainte Odile:
Mont Sainte Odile is regarded as one of the top 5 hiking in Strasbourg. Mont Sainte Odile is a beautiful place to visit. Mont Sainte Odile contains a walk approximately seventeen kilometers towards a few mountains and forests. If you are in the area of trees, there will be a limitation of seeing the atmosphere for long distances. You may arrive at wine close to Barr and experience the wonderful view of nature while breathing in the cool air. It contains sixteen and points seven kilometers while climbing the Mont Sainte Odile. The location of Mont Sainte Odile is at the southwest of Strasbourg. The hotel exists as Le-H-Hotel-Barr.

3. Alsace Wine Route:
Alsace Wine Route represents itself very interesting and known as one of the top 5 hiking in Strasbourg. Alsace Wine Route situated in the east of France. It covers the distance of one hundred seventy kilometers and commences close to the north of Strasbourg and south of Colmar. This area is a mixture of France and Germany’s tradition. Here is a wonderful hotel named Hotel Arnold-Itterswiller.

4. Haut Koenigsbourg Castle:
Haut Koenigsbourg Castle is regarded as one of the top 5 hiking in Strasbourg. It is a wonderful place to visit. Haut Koenigsbourg Castle situated at a high mountain where you can see the Alsatian plain. Now you will move by Forest de Ribeauville towards Ribeauville which is the name of the village. The hotel exists here named as Hotel-De-La-Tour- Ribeauville.

5. Colmar:
Colmar is an amazing point to see and is considered as one of the top 5 hiking in Strasbourg. The location of Colmar is at Alsatian Wine Route and it is recognized as the capital of Alsatian wine in northeast France. First of all, you will have to move towards Turkheim which is famous for its cultural Alsatian cuisine and beautiful heart touching views. The Colmar is the most beautiful village among the Alsatian towns. It contains several museums named Unterlinden, Bartholdi, du Jouet, etc. You can also see here the architects designing places such as Old Customs House, Pfister House, Cathedral, etc. There is also the existence of Petite Venise which is the usual district having many places to visit such as old Alsace houses, the pedestrianized old village, etc.

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