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Top 5 Hotels in Lyon

People have several priorities for their vacations. They developed several plans for the vacations to celebrate and enjoy a lot. They prepare a list of things to get a lot from tourism. They evaluate all the aspects of tourism to attain the best level of satisfaction from the tour to a historical place. They want to note all the points and opportunities regarding the enjoyment of their tour. One of the points to have fun is the best hotel across the world to have a stay during the tour.
Lyon is very famous for tourism where people wish to go again and again. The people want to know about the top 5 hotels in Lyon to update themselves for the tour. They want to relax about the stay in Lyon during visiting the historical places. In this regard, here are the top 5 hotels in Lyon explained as follows:

1. Suite VILLA MAÏA:
Suite Villa Maia is one of the top 5 hotels in Lyon that exists at the upper of the famous mountain named Fourviere Hill. It is near to the Michelin Tetedoie hotel. Its building represents a high-class granite especially washrooms which are very stunning looking. You can also have a view of the city of Lyon as it is situated above the city. It is famous in its best and quick services and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Saone river while sitting in it. It represents a great type of architects designing. The Suite Villa Maia has several best services such as swimming pool having a length of sixty-five feet, beautiful rooms, exercise rooms, etc. which add more charm to its beauty. It is situated at 8, Rue du Professeur Pierre Marion, 69005, Lyon, France.

2. Hotel Carlton:
The Hotel Carlton indicates as one of the top 5 hotels in Lyon exists at the Presqu’ile of Lyon which is a traditional place. Hotel Carlton was constructed in 1894 when the actors used to come here to have fun. Thus Hotel Carlton has a great history of the top stars who had come here to stay which put in the list of the best hotels in Lyon. It is situated at a distance of ten minutes from the central point of the city and Perrache TGV train station of Lyon.

3. Hotel de l’Abbaye:
Hotel De L’abbaye is a very fantastic hotel and is included in the list of top 5 hotels in Lyon. It is such a stunning hotel that attracts the people a lot for its beauty and construction designing. It is now restyled and become more charming than before having twenty rooms. Its restaurant such as L’Artichaut is a very beautiful place to have fun. This place represents the side rooms which indicate towards the beautiful look of the Hotel De L’abbaye. It is situated at 10. Rue Cassette in the sixth arrondissement, being one mile from mid of Paris.

4. Boscolo Lyon:
The Boscolo Lyon is another one of the top 5 hotels in Lyon representing a superb architecture design. Its rooms are greatly decorated with blue and white stones. Boscolo Lyon is one of the top 5 star hotels in Lyon. It exists at the Presqu’île of Lyon being a sign of past. There is also an existence of the Rhone stream. Boscolo Lyon is at a distance of eight hundred fifty meters from Lyon National Opera House. It has several drinks and a reception serving for twenty-four hours. The length of the rooms is thirty meters along with the attached washroom. The hotel and the restaurant express stylish design and attract the people a lot. It is situated at 11 Quai Jules Courmont, 2nd arr., 69002 Lyon, France.

5. OKKO:
The OKKO hotel is the best innovation of the architecture designing being one of the top 5 hotels in Lyon. OKKO provides high-level services to its customers having a wonderful atmosphere. OKKO rooms are well furnished along with double bet having characteristics of one hundred sixty centimeters multiply by two hundred centimeters along with attached washrooms. OKKO provides you a coffee machine, water or any other drinks which you need in a twenty-four-hour service. OKKO is situated at 14 bis Quai General Sarrail, 6th arr., 69006 Lyon, France.

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