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Top 5 Hotels in Nice

People just wish to entertain themselves by seeing historical places across the world. The list of things also requires the best hotels in the world. Nice is an amazing city in France which is full of stunning places worldwide.
What are the top 5 hotels in Nice mostly asked questions by the tourism loving people? In or der to answer the question of what are the top 5 hotels in Nice, here are the top 5 hotels in Nice enclosed:

1. Hotel Negresco:
Hotel Negresco is very beautiful and one of the top 5 hotels in Nice. It has an ideal location at Promenade des Anglais on the Baie des Anges in Nice. The room of Hotel Negresco represents a very beautiful look of the city. Hotel Negresco is not only a luxury hotel but you can also enjoy it as a historical place in Nice. You can also find the sketch of king Louis XV which expresses Hotel Negresco as a museum. It has one hundred rooms for the stay of visitors. One room was used by the lover of King Louis XV named as Madame de Pompadour.

2. Hyatt Regency Nice:
Hyatt Regency Nice is one of the top 5 hotels in Nice. It is situated at 13, Promenade des Anglais – BP 1655, Nice. You can see the sea from Hyatt Regency Nice and enjoy a lot the beauty of nature. which has more add more charm to its beauty. It has one hundred eighty-eight stylish rooms presenting the look at the sea.

3. Boscolo Exedra Nice:
It is situated at 12 Boulevard Victor Hugo, Nice. It is situated at a walking distance from Musee Massena and Promenade des Anglais. The Boscolo Exedra Nice has wonderful architects design which expresses the culture of Nice and explores its beauty highly. It has one hundred twelve rooms. Rooms are too much beautiful having stylish designing which attracts the visitor a lot.

4. Hotel La Perouse:
Hotel La Perouse is a superb luxury hotel in Nice having an ideal location at 11 Quai Rauba Capeu, 06300 Nice, France. It is an expression of the sea and the distance between Place Massena and Hotel La Perouse is ten minutes. The environment of Hotel La Perouse is very pleasant and its employees are very co-operative having good behavior. The attraction for the visitors to such a beautiful luxury hotel is as it has a beautiful balcony expressing its swimming pool. It has a more attractive position such as restaurants, bars, open sitting places, etc. It has sixty beautiful rooms for the visitor.

5. Hotel Suisse Nice:
Hotel Suisse Nice expresses a very stunning view and puts itself in the top 5 hotels in Nice. The location of Hotel Suisse Nice is 15 Quai Rauba Capeu, Nice. It is a wonderful luxury hotel situated very close to Cote d’Azur. The distance between Hotel Suisse Nice and the airport is fifteen minutes only along with the accessible conveyance. The Promenade des Anglais is also situated near this stunning hotel. Hotel Suisse Nice represents a stunning view of the sea. It will lead you towards a beautiful beach while its terrace expresses a very amazing look which attracts the visitor a lot. The management of Hotel Suisse Nice is very loving and its employees are very co-operative having good behavior.

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