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TOP 5 Netflix Series to watch |2020|

No one is unaware of the word Netflix nowadays. It is a service that allows users to watch various kinds of tv shows, short films, and movies, etc. The net worth of this company is in billion dollars. We have arranged a list of top 5 shows on Netflix which you must watch.

The story of this revolves around Anne Shirley who is an orphan but is a very strong woman with great will. The story captures the time of the 1890s when Anne is sent to Prince Edward Island to live with her elderly siblings. The active roles in the movie are given to AmyBeth McNulty, Geraldine James, and Dalila Bela.

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Relive Anne’s journey…

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The story is all about witcher Geralt whose mission is to hunt down monsters. The movie is packed with full action and suspense. The story shows how he struggles to find a place in the world. The audience will watch Henry Cavill, Jodhi May and Freya Allan who are playing the read roles.

The story is about a guy who lost her wife and lives with her daughter. One day he finds out that her daughter is missing and from there he begins to discover buried mysteries of the community. In lead starring, we have Michael C. Hall, Amanda Abbington.

In the initials, we witness how Frank Castle takes revenge from the murderers of his wife. But later Frank Castle finds out and discovers the conspiracies in the system of New York city which were far more dangerous and deeper than the underworld. His mission is to discover the truth of all the injustices happening in his society.

It is the remake of the classic 1960s science fiction series. The movie reflects that space colonization has become a reality. Robinson family is one of the family which has been selected to make a new life. The movie is packed with suspense and shows an alien environment.

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