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Top 5 Places in Montpellier

Tourism is a great source to enjoy the vacations a lot and have proper rest from the stress. People face stress in the mind to complete the assignment effectively and efficiently. They have just one option to remove the stress of the mind which leads towards visiting the stunning places of the world. They wish to know about the beautiful places to visit across the world. Montpellier is a wonderful country having romantic places for visitors to see and entertain themselves a lot.
The people look forward to the top 5 places in Montpellier. The top 5 places in Montpellier assist the people a lot in fulfilling their dream of enjoying the vacations at a historical place. Therefore, the top 5 places in Montpellier have gained a high level of importance for the people. Here are the top 5 places in Montpellier as follows:

1. Promenade du Peyrou:
Promenade du Peyrou is wonderful and is recognized as one of the top 5 places in Montpellier. It is situated in front of the historical sign of France such as the riding sketch of King Louis XIV. Promenade du Peyrou dedicated to honoring King Louis XIV at the Arc de Triomphe which is recognized as Porte du Peyrou as it helps to enter the Promenade du Peyrou.
Promenade du Peyrou encourages the visitors to entertain themselves through the gorgeous balcony, trees in a line, etc. The citizen of Montpellier uses to come to Promenade du Peyrou for exercising or for sports activities. Promenade du Peyrou provides an outclass view of the city as there is an existence of a hill named Cevennes and the seaside which admires the visitors a lot. The location of Promenade du Peyrou is Place Royale du Peyrou (at Avenue Foch), Montpellier.

2. Musee Fabre:
Musee Fabre is one of the top 5 places in Montpellier which attracts the visitors a lot. It is an outclass museum having a huge collection of arts and paintings showing the tradition of Europe. It contains several kinds of painting and art designing which are a great source of entertainment for visitors. The visitors love such amazing paintings a lot and they cannot move from here without enjoying the wonderful art.
Musee Fabre also presents the art gallery of Decorative Arts which is a host at the Hotel de Cabrieres-Sabatier d’Espeyrant. This art collection represent s the working of the nineteenth century. The location of Misee Fabre is 39 Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle, Montpellier.

3. Palais des Congres de France:
Palais des Congres de France is home to beautiful places and is recognized as one of the top 5 places in Montpellier. It expresses itself as a traditional heritage of Montpellier. It represents an amazing view of the city’s oldest building having an attraction for the people. The architecture designing of these building are a source of attraction for the people.
There is also the existence of other wonderful places near Palais des Congres de France such as Bassin du Champs de Mars park, Le Pavillon Populaire, etc. which present a top-class photograph exhibiting for the people at least once in a year. These institutes represent the arts works by national and international artists. The location of Palais des Congres de France is Palais des Congrès de France, Esplanade Charles de Gaulle, Montpellier.

4. Jardin des Plantes:
Jardin des Plantes is considered as one of the top 5 places in Montpellier. Jardin des Plantes was created in 1593 by king Henry IV. It is a wonderful park to visit which contains the highest level botanic characteristics of Europe attracting the visitors a lot. It is a superb example and base for all the other gardens of France. The location of Jardin des Plantes is 1 Boulevard Henri IV, Montpellier.

5. Planet Ocean World:
Planet Ocean is a wonderful one of the top 5 places in Montpellier expressing itself as beautiful scenery. It is situated at the Port Marianne of Montpellier. The people can entertain themselves by finding four hundred different types of themes such as sharks, stingrays, clownfish, frogs, geckos, etc. Teenagers also can enjoy at Planet Ocean in the gaming zone and other sports activities. The location of Planet Ocean is Allee Ulysse, Port Marianne, Montpellier.

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