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Top 5 Places in Nice:

People work all week continuously with the happiness of spending a weekend at a historical place. They continuously search for the best places in the world till the weekend to have a superb weekend. Here are the Top 5 places in Nice:

1. Monaco:
Monaco is full of beauty expressing one of the top 5 places in Nice. Monaco has several plus points for the attraction of visitors such as it uses its language named as Monegasque, different foods, etc. The most beautiful attraction of Monaco is that it contains beautiful scenery of seaport along with high-level boats. Other beautiful places are as a museum, vintage car gallery own by Prince of Monaco, rose park, etc. Its location is at French Riviera.

2. Cannes:
Cannes represents the beauty of French Riviera. Cannes is important for tourism. There are beaches, boat clubs, top hotels, which add more charm to the beauty of Cannes. Cannes owns a wonderful atmosphere attracting the visitors. Canne’s location is French Riviera.

3. Eze:
Eze is a wonderful town having a distance of twenty kilometers from Nice coming from the road which leads towards a sequence of mountains. Eze is a very stunning town presenting a beautiful view by a tower of the church Belfry. It is four hundred meters above the sea. At the peak level of Eze, there is an occurrence of a garden that represents the wonderful look. Eze location is French Riviera.

4. Villa Grecque Kerylos:
It is one of the beautiful places having a distance of five minutes from Ephrussi Villa. It is located at Baie des Fourmis and entertained by the breeze from the hill. It has gained goodwill in the mind of tourists. Villa Grecque Kerylos is very charming.

5. Villefranche Sur Mer:
Villefranche was established in the fourteenth century. Villefranche town built-in 1580. It also contains a very beautiful church to visit. Villefranche Sur Mer is a beautiful place exists between the train station and the old town representing a great look at the beach.

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