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Top 5 Taylor Swift Songs of 2020

Taylor Swift has released a number of amazing songs this year. Many of them have been ranked on billboard too. Below are some of the finest taylor swift’s songs of 2020.

1) Cardigan

Cardigan is the second song of the album “Folklore”. It was the lead single of the album. Taylor Swift was the co writer of the song along with the Arun Designer. On its release, the song got a lot of appreciatoin for its poetic songwriting. It was ranked at top on the global Spotify song chart.

2) Exile

The song features Bon Iver which is an American indie-folk band. This is the 4th track of Taylor Swift’s album Folklore. The song was written by Taylor Swift,Justin Vernon and William Bowery. Music critics mentioned the song as the finest collaboration of Taylor swift. The song was ranked numer 6th on Billboard Hot 100.

3) The Lakes

“The lakes” was released in streaming platforms on 18th august 2020. The song was the sevententh track of Taylor Swift’s album Folklore. Its a ballad where acoustic guitars bring a soothing texture in it.  “The lakes” was debuted among the top 10 Us and Canadian digital Song sales charts.

4) Invisible String

“Invisible String” is the 11th track of the album Folklore by Taylor Swift. The song was released on 24th of July and the medium was Republic Records. This single has also recieved a lot of apprecition among Taylor Swift Songs of 2020.

5) August

August” is the 8th track of the album Folklore by Taylor Swift. The songwritters of the song were Jack Antonoff and Taylor Swift. The production of the song was also done by  Jack Antonoff and Taylor Swift and was launched via Republic Records.

So these were the top 5 Taylor Swift Songs of 2020. Stay tunned on dazepoint to get more updates about Taylor swift new songs.

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