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Top 5 Youtubers of 2020

Youtube has become one of the most popular platforms for people to showcase their talents and grow their fan following. Ordinary people have become stars within a matter of months and are now having millions of subscribers. The best thing about youtube is that it requires very less investment. You only need a video camera and a good internet connection to upload the videos on Youtube. Dazepoint has compiled a list of top 5 YouTubers of 2020 whose subscribers are skyrocketing in 2020. So here is a list of Top 5 Youtubers of 2020:

5)5-minute crafts

On number 5 is the 5-minute crafts channel. The genre of the channel is DIY. It can also be called as a ‘Life Hacks’ channel or a “How to Channel”. The purpose of the channel is to provide information to your daily routine problems at school or office. They offer life hacks which will make your life easier. They also perform science experiments in their videos which grabs a considerable amount of audience. The channel has currently 83.5 million subscribers according to the stats of May 2020.

4)Set India

The full term of this channel is Sony Entertainment Television. This channel was launched in the year 1996 and was focused on dramas and reality shows on Television. After the launch of youtube, Sony considered it as an excellent opportunity to multiply their audience by uploading the content on youtube through the internet. It has more than  73.2 million views according to the stats of May 2020.


This channel was specially created to eliminate boredom in kids and to entertain them. It includes traditional nursery rhymes and cute songs for the kid’s community. 83.5 million subscribers were reported according to the stats shown by Statista.com. So cocomelon stands on 3rd rank among the Top 5 Youtubers of 2020.

2)Pewdie Pie

You can call this guy a one-person army. This amazing youtube started from scratch and continued to hit milestones on Youtube. The guy initiated with horror and action-packed games on youtube which enabled him to run his first 1 million views. The whole world adores the talent and passion this guy showcased on Youtube, which resulted in getting him millions of subscribers and ranking among the Top 5 Youtubers of 2020. 

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1)T Series

T series is the most famous music record label which is not only famous in India but has youtube subscribers from all around the world. It also does film productions. Gulshan Kumar made this iconic brand in 1983. The video content started to upload from 2010 and in July 2013, T series crossed 1 billion views. Currently, the T series has more than 140 million subscribers according to the statistics of May 2020.

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