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ToTok: Why Google And Apple kicked it out?

ToTok, a social media app, has been kicked out from Google and Apple’s store. This app was found spying on Its user’s conversations, relationships, photos e.t.c and was used for mass surveillance, according to the New York Times. This app was developed by the government of the United Arab Emirates. This app has been subjected to both a New York Times investigation and an arranged intelligence assessment by US officials.

For a few months old apps, gaining millions of downloads is not an easy task. But this spying app did get that many downloads. Even on Google, it has almost 5 million downloads before Google kicked it out from its store after being reported by the Times.

A Google spokeswoman told Business Insider: “We take the reports about security and privacy violations very seriously. If we find behavior that violates our policies, we immediately take action.”

Whereas Apple didn’t respond quickly and still is in Investigation of the app. But it doesn’t mean Apple let ToTok be in their store. For now, they have removed it from the store.

Users who have this app already downloaded on their phones can still use it. This app got popularity mostly in UAE as WhatsApp and Skype is blocked there. They still can use WhatsApp but can do nothing except messages.

ToTok was also given a boost by Chinese smartphone giant Huawei, which endorsed the app. It has also been suspected that ToTok’s publisher, Breej Holding Ltd, has relations with the UAE’s hacking organization “Dark Matter”, which is currently being Investigate by the FBI.

ToTok, DarkMatter, and the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in London did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“We are temporarily not available on the Google store because of some technical issues,” said ToTok in their blog.

The company promised to be back in the near future. ToTok has also told that they did perform a complete analysis of their app but found nothing suspicious. ToTok’s privacy policy states that it may share people’s personal data with “law enforcement, officials, regulatory agencies and other lawful access requests”.

It also states: “We may share your personal data with the group companies.”

   Have you guys ever used this app? What was your experience? Did you feel like getting watched? Please share your beliefs in the given section below.

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