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TRILLER: Partnering with Marshmello and others

TRILLER, a fast-growing music and social video streaming app, lately announced signing a partnership contract with some of the most famous artists and executives in the industry, including The Marshmello, The Weeknd, Snoop Dogg, and many music managers.

In addition to investing in TRILLER, artists will also produce complete content for the app, some new videos have already been uploaded though. The additional artists partnering with TRILLER are Lil Wayne, Tyga, the late juice WRLD, T.I. and Kendrick Lamar. Dominant music managers are also joining the collaboration including people like Gee Roberson, Co-CEO of the Blueprint Group, which has clients including Lil Nas X, Jill Scott, and G-Eazy.

In order to begin these partnerships, multiple artists and executives approached TRILLER to collaborate since the app promotes an artist’s work by helping artists get their music streamed.

“TRILLER has been attributed as the source leading to more Platinum and Gold records than any other social platform,” said Executive Chairman of TRILLER and partner at Proxima Media, Bobby Sarnevesht, who manages TRILLER.

The app is a platform where users make music videos to a broad variety of tracks streamed for free via TRILLER’s licensing partnerships with studios like Warner Music Group, Universal and Sony Music Entertainment.

“With TRILLER, we’re trying to create a wholesome ecosystem for the music world, so we created social streaming to benefit everyone in the system,” Sarnevesht said.

If users are making content for TRILLER, they notably spend more time using it, according to the executive. Those making content spends about 2 hours, while those not making any content spends about 20 minutes per day.

“TRILLER is different from any other social video app because it allows users to interact with the music video in a visceral way,” says Ryan Kavanaugh, Founder of Proxima Media.

TRILLER is a rival of TikTok – a social media platform where users upload short clips of lip-syncing, dancing and acting to audio clips.

“To have the biggest names in hip hop and music join TRILLER validates the genuine need for a radical shift in the way the music industry has operated,” Kavanaugh said. “As we’re moving into the next decade, TRILLER is the MTV for today’s generation.”

What do you guys think of this partnership? Will this help the artist to get their music into more audience? Please share your beliefs in the given section below.

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