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US presidential election 2020: Who is ahead and When to expect result?

Because of coronavirus pandemic, mail-in ballots were being opped in this US presidential election 2020. This means that more people will be able to caste vote this time.

It is said that 60 million people have chosen for mail-in ballots which will require extra time in the counting process. Each state has set a different deadline for the voting so initial results might be misleading. The counting process in Texas and Georgia might be extended till Wednesday or Thursday. The democrat’s representation in the Us elections is 45.5% of the votes and Republicans are representing  30.4%. 3 Novemeber is the date on which the votes will decide who will be ruling white house for the next 4 years. BBC poll of polls showed the trend of votes in which Bidden had 52% of while Trump had 44% of votes.

When it comes to battleground states Mr Biden is having strong leads in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. These were the battleground states where Donald Trump won 2016 elections but now these are the states from which Trump’s team is mostly worried about. The results of US presidential election 2020 are still not predictable. Only time can reveal that who is going to rule America for the next 4 years.

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