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VE Day Celebration

VE day is a great source of happiness for the people in Europe to enjoy life. The VE day indicates the day of celebration in the memory of the success of the Allied forces in Europe on 08th May 1945. On this VE day, the Allied forces compelled the forces of Nazi Germany to admit the defeat during the Second World War on 08th May 1945.

atherine Jenkins is aimed to perform on VE day at Royal Albert Hall behind schedule shut the doors to participate in the VE day celebration. She decided to conduct a concert at the empty Royal Albert Hall to play a role in the seventy-fifth anniversary of VE day.

The beautiful Welsh singer intended to make recording a thirty minutes video at the empty Royal Albert Hall which will be published online on 08th May 2020 at the VE day celebration. She has planned to sing the song “We will meet again and The White Cliffs of Dover” with Dame Vera Lynn to have the best VE day celebration.

According to Jenkins, due to the coronavirus situation, the VE day celebration may not be conducted by having an empty Royall Albert Hall. She further said that in this conflict situation, we have emerged the joy of the VE day celebration to put the nation and the world at one pitch.

Once in history, the Royal Albert Hall can be found empty and lonely at this VE day celebration but still is a sign of glory. Jenkins has intended to make a schedule in participating in the VE day celebration performance at the empty Royal Albert Hall which will be online on Friday 08th May 2020 at over the four hundred and fifty cinemas. But due to the coronavirus conflict situation, it may be suspended until September 2020.

The live concert will present a fundamental effect with Jenkins and Dame Vera who has decided to perform to British Crowds in the period of World War II. Dame Vera told that she will remember the meaning of “We will meet again” till she is alive for the forces that went to war by leaving their families alone.

The latest live concert has been sponsored by Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. He further explained that this concert really emphasis on the bravery of our soldiers in defending and serving the country and nation. This concert will go online at the Royal Albert Hall website in support of the armed forces charity SSAFA on 08th May at 18:00 BST and appealing the fundraising by the venue.

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