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Venice Carnival 2020 – Origins and Events

The Venice Carnival is one of the prestigious and colourful festivals in Italy. Venice Carnival is very famous around the world for being one of the most attended carnivals. At the beginning of the year, millions of people from different countries and cultures travel to enjoy this carnival.

Origin of Venice Carnival

The Venice Carnival is said to be initiated from a tremendous victory of Venice when they fought against the Patriarch of Aquileia, Ulrico di Treven in the year 1162. The people began dancing and gathering in San Marco Square, in celebration of this triumph. This festival probably started in that era and became official in the Renaissance. Although it promoted licensing and enjoyment, it was also used to shield Venetians from present and future agony. Nevertheless, the festival was completely outlawed in 1797 under the rule of the Holy Roman Emperor and later Emperor of Austria, Francis II, and the use of masks was strictly prohibited. In the nineteenth century, it reappeared slowly, but only for short periods and particularly for private banquet, where it became an inspiration for artistic creations.

Events and Traditions

Carnival magic brings an enchanting feeling to Venice. The streets are filled with smiles and laughter by masked people, and there are several activities organized around the area. The carnival is held for a few weeks, but the days between last Thursday and Tuesday are the most important. These are termed as giovedì Grasso and martedì Grasso, literally meaning ‘ fat Thursday’ and’ fat Tuesday’. The weekends, however, are generally the best time for tourists and guests alike.

Getting ready for the festival is not that difficult. Yeah, you only need to wear a mask to be dressed for carnival. One great mask-maker is Ca’ Macana, who designed the masks for the Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrik famously. Tragicomic has a cornucopia of masks and if you wish to complete your look you can sell or employ a traditional costume. Papier Maché has long designed intricately elegant masks in the Castello district. The custom of wearing masks and costumes has given birth to a thriving trade since the ancient carnival days, with skilled craftsmen making ever more elaborate and sophisticated masks. It has even been used to pursue anyone secretly outside of the carnival era.


In conclusion, Venice Carnival is a great celebration in which many people from different places and stages of society, not only Italians but also many visitors and all kinds of people from the modest to the most powerful, participate. This carnival also offers the opportunity to learn about this tradition, because it has affected the country’s social life since its inception.

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