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Vikings: Lead characters in their Real Life

Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha):

In the upcoming season 6 of Vikings, she’s still the bad-ass queen and the most iconic character. Have you seen her Instagram page? It’s full of ‘Vikings’ behind the scene pictures. This queen role has been the most famous role she has ever played, which made her quite famous than ever before.

She’s not the only one playing a role in this series. Infect In previous season 5, her brothers ‘Marjan Winnick’ and ‘Adam Winnick’ have also appeared. These siblings were seen together in the episode “What Happens in the Cave.” The big brother Marjan Winnik was given the role of ‘King Angantyr‘ in 2 episodes of that season, whereas the younger brother Adam Winnick played the role of a nameless Viking.

Many of you may not know, but she has also made her Directorial debut in Viking’s episode 8 of the final season.

Katheryn is one of the most socially active celebrities. She almost post everything on a daily basis. But what we haven’t seen is her boyfriend – If she has one. It looks like an extrovert like her also wants to keep a few things in the private section of her life. For now, her only boyfriend as we can see is her career.

Soon enough, we will also be able to see her in other characters then queen Lagertha. She will play a lead role in an upcoming thriller movie ‘Wander’ with Tommy Lee Jones and Heather Graham.

It has also been rumored that she been a part of another upcoming thriller movie ‘The minute man’ with Liam Neeson, as she uploaded a pic with him on Instagram.

Can’t wait to see Episode 6, as it will be a huge event to see. As Katheryn speaks to Rotten Tomatoes,

“I wanted character-driven material that I can push the actors, my fellow costars, to new levels that the audience hasn’t seen them do before.”

Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn Ironside):

This hot blonde who has broked many girl’s hearts has also been an important part of this series. First of all let’s talk about his dating history, which is way too long.

At the age of 16, he dated his co-star AnnaSophia Robb from the set “Road To Witch Mountain.” The relationship was quite serious as it went for 3 years. later, it was later rumored that he starts dating Nina Dobrev – his co-star from The Hunger’s Game, and afterward an American ski racer – Lindsey Vonn.

His last actual relationship which lasted 2 years, was with a model and actor – Nicole Pedra. This beautiful couple break-up in 2014 and the reason for their separation was not known.

But now in 2019, he has been dating his co-star ‘Kristy Dawn’ Dinsmore from the set of “Midway.” The relationship went viral in 2017.

Ludwig said that she’s the most beautiful person he has ever met. It also seems quite true because since their relationship goes viral, he has been uploading their pictures on Instagram which are soo adorable.

Ludwig and his current girlfriend have also worked in Vikings, on which Ludwig express his emotions and described that it was the greatest gift of his life to working with his love together in the same project.

They are also known as Vikings cutest off-screen couple.

But what will Ludwig do after Vikings? Needless to say, he already has some other projects on his hands. One of those is his upcoming War film “Midway,” and another one is “Bad boys for life.” It has also been revealed that he would take part in a Wrestling Drama “Heels.”

But it ain’t like the role of ‘King Of Kattegat’ has been removed from the series yet.

Gustaf Skarsgard (Floki):

We hope to see him in season 6. If we talk about his personal life, then we all know about his long-term relationship with Hanna Alstrom. But after the 6 years of that beautiful relationship, they got separated in 2005. Since then he hasn’t been seen in any of the romantic movies or in any other relationship.

Until June of 2016, when he was spotted with a Swedish Actress – Carolina Sjostrom – on the premiere of the “Tarzan” movie, which also stars his brother Alexander Skarsgard. They were again spotted in the premiere of the “Westworld” series in 2018.

Carolina has updated her facebook cover picture, where she, her dog and alongside a man is standing. But needless to say, by the long figure we can recognize that it’s Skarsgard. As long as that picture is there, it means they are together and we hope they always will be.

He will be seen soon in his upcoming Historical drama series “Cursed.”

Alex Hogh Andersen (Ivar the Boneless):

This Danish actor is always busy with his acting career and photography. Just like Katheryn, he has also never posted anything related to his personal life.

If you talk about photography, then he’s better at that then acting. He shares his awesome breathtaking photography pictures on Instagram, as you can see below.

Though we have never seen his girlfriend. There are some fan theories that he has or had a girlfriend in the past- Rikke Westi. Even if they are not a couple, they are still good friends, as Alex has seen capturing her pictures and uploading it on his Instagram account often.

Even when he gets free time from his schedule, he doesn’t seem to be hanging out with anyone. For now, all we can do is hope, that he gets her dream girl soon enough.

Peter Franzen (King Harald ‘Finehair’):

Just like most of the Actors, he was also not known to the world before playing his role as a king in Vikings. But it looks like that this awesome actor has a resume of up to 50 movies and TV-series. including Priest of Evil, The Gunman, Finish e.t.c.

He’s not just an actor, but an author, screenwriter, and director. He has written 3 novels up until now including Samoilla silmilla, Sarkyneen pyoran karjatila, and Above dark water – which then made into a movie in 2013.

In 1996, he got married to an Actress and Singer, Irina Björklund.

They also have a sonDiego Aaron Vilhelm Franzén – born in 2007. Despite having both parents a celebrity, their son has almost none of his pictures on the Internet. Not only that but they also don’t share much about themselves on social media.

Franzen’s Instagram is always filled by his behind the scenes pictures of Vikings or about his passion for traveling and bike riding.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Bishop Heahmund):

Sadly, he will not be seen in season 6, as he was killed in the previous season. But his character cannot be forgotten, as a warrior priest and especially his romance with Katheryn.

In his real life, he has just recently been married in 2016 – to an Actress Mara Lane. They also have a son Wolf Rhys Meyers, born in December 2016.

“Our marriage will obviously last forever,” Jonathan said in an interview with The Times.

There’s no doubt in it as Mara Lane has always been with him in the thin and thick, especially when he was going through his Alcoholic addiction. But unfortunately, they lost their second kid in 2017 due to a miscarriage. On which Jonathan said that bad things always happen.

Jonathan also revealed that he never wanted to have children before he met his wife.

“I was an actor and never thought I’d make a good parent. thank God that Wolf mostly has his mother’s traits,” he added.

Now their entire focus is on their child. They are often seen with a family picture on their Instagram account. We wish that they stay happy like this always.

Travis Fimmel (Ragnar Lothbrok):

Ragnor is another character who is not in the show anymore but we can’t help but remember his role. After leaving the show, he didn’t remain free as he already had some projects up in his hands. Even while being in the show, he acts as a lead role in the “Warcraft” movie.

This year, Travis Fimmel has been seen in the entire 3 movies Finding steve McQueen, Dreamland, and Danger club.

In an interview with Collider, he revealed that he enjoyed his time being in the Vikings.

“It was a great experience. I loved being in Ireland, and get some really good lifelong friends from it. I wouldn’t change a thing,” he added.

He’s not the kind of character who after departure, takes the character to their home. When he left the show, he left his character too. We will be able to see him earlier this year in a lead role of an upcoming sci-fi movie “Raised by Wolfs.”

Wait, what about his love life? Well, it came to know that Travis Fimmel is still single. But why? It looks like maybe he’s just too busy with his career.

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