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Warrior Nun – Trailer released – Netflix – 2020

Warrior Nun series’ trailer has been released and will be launched on Netflix very soon. The story is inspired by a comic book written by Ben Dunn. The trailer is quite fascinating and will force you to watch the complete series. So, what’s the series all about? Let’s find out!

The story revolves around a 19-year-old girl who becomes alive after death with enormous superpowers. Later this girl teams up with other warrior nuns to fight against the demons. Ava who is playing the role of 19-year-old girl gets a circle burned on her back which is a symbol of her being different from an ordinary girl as she is the part of warrior nuns from now. The trailer shows how a woman finds that heaven exists, and she finds a gateway to it. The series will not only be quite adventurous and mysterious but also involves romance. International casting has been done which has introduced new talent in the series. Alba Baptista, Tristán Ulloa and Sylvia De Fanti are playing some lead roles in the series.

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