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What did go wrong in Tesla’s launching event?

As you all know about the new Tesla’s “Cyber Truck” event (held on 22nd November), which was supposed to change the world’s view towards the trucks, which have been running on the road for the past 100 years, without any special change in them.

Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) telling about the specifications of Cyber Truck

It all was going good or you also can say superb, until when the time came to test it’s durability. First, Tesla designer Franz von Holzhausen came and hit the truck’s rear door with a big sledgehammer. As you Tesla Lovers have already guessed, the door got no dent (not even a little one). But when it came to testing the durability of glass, it all went wrong.

The rear-view glass broke after Franz von Holz hausen hit it with a metal ball

This scene raised many questions about the safety of the truck, which was a Danger towards Tesla. Even Elon got shocked, but he didn’t let it affect the event and crack a joke by saying “Oh, it looks like theirs still some space for improvement”. But the charm that comes while the entry of Truck was gone now and Elon gives the remaining announcements while standing near the broken mirror (with mood-off).

Elon presenting in front of the shattered mirror

But after a while, when the event was finished. Elon uploaded a video on its Twitter account about the test they took on the same mirror with the same iron ball but a little bit before the event, and the mirror got no damage. So the reason which causes the mirror to broke came to be the first test when Franz hit the door with that big hammer. The hit makes the window move a bit downwards, which causes its durability to decrease and without any check, they throw the metal ball towards it.

Pre-test on Tesla’s Cyber Truck window

Elon Musk replied to a follower about the reason for mirror durability failure

So don’t worry about the truck Tesla fans. It’s all going to be alright, as Elon Musk Is their to handle it. The trucks will be available in the market in 2021. Even before the release, more than 195K customers have already Pre-ordered it, which gives the Tesla about $14M in their bank account. That would be helpful for them as the stock rate of Tesla has gone down by 3% which causes Elon’s Wealth to go down by $700M Too.

   Was it really because of that hammer thing or Elon is just making an excuse to hide his mistake? Please share your opinion in the given comment section below.

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