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WhatsApp: Upcoming updates of 2020

WhatsApp – world’s most used messaging platform – with more than 1.5 billion active users. In 2019, the most needed features were added to it to make the user’s experience better. Like the WhatsApp group feature where the approval of the user is required before involving in a group. So it ain’t surprise that WhatsApp is willing to put new features and updates to it

Some rumored features are:

1. Dark Mode

The dark mode is on fire right now. It’s a trend on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail, and now the same feature will be added to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp team is working on the feature to make sure there won’t be any bugs before it is officially released and made available to the users, according to WABetaInfo.

They start working on the dark mode feature, right after the development of the ‘Set by Battery Saver’ option.

2. Self-destructing messages

According to the reports, WhatsApp is working on a new feature which will allow the user to set a time limit on their messages before it disappears.

The feature has first appeared in 2.19.275 version of it, but WABetaInfo just found it while it may not be available everyone on the beta version, for now.

This feature is helpful for those who don’t want their message to be available to the other person permanently and get it to delete automatically in the given time by the user.

The best part is that the message won’t be shown as a deleted one, but as if it was never been sent.

3. Ads

Facebook Marketing Summit was held in the Netherlands in 2019, where the social media giant showcased a slideshow of how it plans to attach work ads into WhatsApp and by 2020.

At first, the work as will feature will be added to WhatsApp status in 2020 and full-screen promotion will also be added.

— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) May 21, 2019

This feature will allow the users to run their businesses and also to accept the payments through it.

4. No support for old phones

WhatsApp will stop working on Windows phones by the end of this month. Not only that, but it will also stop working on several Android and iPhone devices in the coming months.

For Android, who are using 2.3.4 version or older will be unable to use WhatsApp from 1st February.

And the iPhone users, who use iOS 8 or older versions will also be unable to use it.

5. Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search is one of the most fantastic features to be added in 2020. This will let a user navigate the source of a picture that they received originally came from.

The main purpose of this feature is to solve the problem of fake news that spreads through an app such as the earlier ‘frequently forwarded’ warning message that was rolled out to WhatsApp in India.

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