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Why Elon Musk named his son “X Æ A-12” |2020|

Elon musk’s wife gave birth to their son on May 4th. This was the day for which all the fans of Elon and Grimes were waiting for. This new guest will be 6th son of Elon Musk. Now the next big question was: What should be his name? It is obvious that Elon and Grime would have got a lot of advice from parents and relatives to select a decent name for the baby. But no one knew that Elon and Grimes were thinking differently.

So the name they chose for the baby boy was “X Æ A-12”. Yeah! Such bizarre things can only be expected from a couple like Elon and Grimes. Now the next big task for the fans and relatives was to pronounce “X Æ A-12”. Many of the fans thought that it was a mathematical formula.

Logically, selecting such unique names for your offspring is always your choice and there is no one to point fingers at you. But there are some rules and regulations in the legislations of respected countries which do not allow you to do that. California, for example, does not allow you to add numbers in your name. So you any legitimate birth certificate by California won’t have numbers in the name. Now coming to the reasons for selecting such a unique name. Grime gave a thorough explanation of selecting “X Æ A-12” as her son’s name.

Elon musk too gave all the clarifications of the name he and his wife opted for their son on a podcast. He told that her wife is very good with names. But it is obvious that most parts of the name were tech-inspired. Only the “A” letter meant Archangel, which is the favorite song of Grimes.

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