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Why “Ertugral Ghazi” is trending in Pakistan?

Ertugral Ghazi has been released in Pakistan tv channels. Since the day of its release till now, everyone is talking and discussing it. Only the first episode crossed 2.4 million views. So let’s discuss what are the reasons behind the popularity of Ertugral Ghazi in Pakistan.

In November 2019,  Imran Khan was the first one who discussed Ertugral Ghazi serial with Pakistan media. He was very much aware and impressed by the concept of this series. He shared the importance of such kind of dramas and asked the Pakistani media to air them. So this was the first time that any prime minister in Pakistan had given importance to a drama. Finally, Ptv has decided to air the drama in this Ramazan.

One of the many reasons due to which Ertugral Ghazi has gained popularity is its genre. People in Pakistan are not shown dramas which are based on true events from history. Most of the dramas in Pakistan are story-based and fictional and no one is here to broadcast any drama which is linked to the history and accomplishments of Muslims. So  Ertugral Ghazi has gained attention due to its script and true events.

Another reason for its popularity is the location of the scenes. The location where the drama is picturized is immensely beautiful and worth watching. The director has chosen different locations for the series and every new location gives a unique experience every time.

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But the most important reason due to which  Ertugral Ghazi has gained popularity is the strong message it is giving to the world. It is reminding the world about the capabilities of the Muslim community. It is reminding about the strengths which Muslims have displayed to the world in history. It has shown that how Muslims if united can tackle any hardship between them and their goals.

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