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Why PUBG got banned in Pakistan?

On July 1st, PTA(Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) stated on twitter that they have decided to ban PUBG. PTA also provided some reasons behind this decision.

The reason which PTA provided was that PUBG is addictive in nature and was leading to health issues in society. Their point of view was that the health of teenagers is more important than a game and that this step symbolizes that PTA can never compromise on the health of the people of Pakistan.  It was also pointed out that there were also some cases of suicide which were directly or indirectly related to the usage of this online game called PUBG. The ban on PUBG has received a lot of criticism from the young generation.  It is also said that there was a complain submitted after a 10th class student committed suicide in his room. The parents of that student already admitted that their son was addicted to this game. This complaint played the role of a nail in the already drowning coffin.

On one hand, parents are extremely happy because of the ban on this online game while on the other we are seeing videos where teenagers are literally crying on this huge step taken by PTA.  Arsalan Siddique who is the most famous Taken game player all around the world has spoken against PTA for banning PUBG in Pakistan. According to Arsalan, the Pakistan gaming community is already far behind and bans as these will demotivate those gamers who can do wonders in their life by using their gaming skills.

For now, it’s difficult to tell whether this ban on PUBG in Pakistan will remain permanent or not. The gaming community is aggravated and will definitely resist until PUBG becomes available again.

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