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Why Satya Nadella is the Businessperson of 2019?

“In a year dominated by political chaos a bluster, it was a rare brand of steady – even quiet – leadership that won the day in the business world. And no one epitomizes that brand of obsessively results-driven, team-based leadership more than our new No. 1 Businessperson of the Year,” Fortune said.

They rank the list of Best Businessperson on a set of 10 economic factors, “ranging from a total return to shareholders to return on capital.” Then it searches for those leaders who stand out from the pack to make its final list. They also look for that specific businessperson who has tackled audacious gaols, overcame impossible odds and found creative solutions.

Microsoft was recently voted the most ethical publicly traded company in the USA for the 2nd year in a row, and It’s CEO Satya Nadella was voted the best Businessperson of 2019 (amoung 20 competent).

Satya is the son of a civil servant, came from India. He joined Microsoft in the early ’90s. He always had his interest in Entrepreneurship. In 2014, he took over as Microsoft CEO from Steve Ballmer. He had always been the one who has achieved bold goals and find solutions to impossible situations quickly. His unique background and the wide berth, which he gives to his team of leadership, also increased his points. Under Nadella’s leadership, Microsoft has helped drive Microsoft’s market cap above $1T. “CEOs can only do what they do if they have an amazing team and I am blessed to have that,” Nadella says. He also got praised for his ability to quickly adapt to and thrive in uncharted territory.

   “Nadella has no ego, and his intelligence has racked up the companies revenue,” Fortune says. “The company grow revenue at a three-year compound annual rate of 11% while it has also earned $39B on revenue of $126B in fiscal 2019.”

He was also in the top 10 best-performing CEOs in the world in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) list in October. “CEO’s can only do what they do if they have an amazing team,” Nadella told Fortune. “I’m blessed to have that.” He gives credit to his team to help him along the way, Without them, Microsoft wouldn’t have been reached the place it is at now. Microsoft continues to be a valued of $1T, returned $7.7B to the shareholders in the form of dividends and share repurchases in the 4rth quarter of the fiscal year 2019. One of the best examples of his determination to make Microsoft the best company ever is; when he made the Pentagon Cloud ($10B) contract to win over Amazon Web Series (AWS).

“Key to his leadership success is a willingness to delegate,” particularly to three members of his management team.
1. President Brad Smith, who runs policy an legal affairs
2. Microsoft’s chief financial officer (CFO) Amy Hood
3. Chief People Officer (CPO) Kathleen Hogan

It is also said that when Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft in 2014, he was neither the fonder like Bill Gates nor a sales leader like Steve Balmer (Former CEO) or nor a famous personality and nobody except his companions knew him. He had no knowledge of finance, which is one of the most important skills to have to become a CEO. But still with his intelligent mind, smart strategies, creative solution, willingness for a company-wide culture change, successful entry and expansion into new technologies and markets and strengthening his trust with customers. Nadella took this company where it never was before, alongside his team.

                   “Lead from the back,” Nelson Mandela famously said, “and let others believe they are in front.”

What do you guys think about him being the best businessperson of 2019? or did guys wanted someone else to be the best business person of this year? You must comment below your opinion.



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