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Will Jeff Bezos become the next Trillionaire – 2020

We can witness the presence of many millionaire and billionaires around the world, but no one has ever gained the title of trillionaire in this century. So, who will be the person to become the first trillionaire of the 21st century? Let’s find out!


 Comparisun is the company which is predicting that Jeff Bezos could become the first trillionaire. Jeff Bezos is the CEO of the giant company, Amazon. According to their statistical reports, Bezos is going to become the world’s first trillionaire in the year 2026.  Comparisun has told that they have gathered the data of the past 5 years and have taken an average of the profit Jeff Bezos is gaining every year. When we look at the past 5 years, we will conclude that the net worth of Jeff Bezos has increased by 34 %. There has been a sort of negative response by people on twitter regarding the prediction by Comparison. People are pointing out that on one hand, people are becoming bankrupt due to the pandemic but on the other hand Jeff Bezos is going to become a millionaire. So, can we call it jealousy? You decide. Many people are wondering how the workers at Amazon are working at such a pace even in these difficult times where social distancing has become mandatory. The reason the company is still making money is because of the money spent on safety precautions. $800 million has been spent at the start of 2020 to make sure that the company follows all the precautions and safety to avoid anyone getting infected by a coronavirus.


One thing to keep in mind is that Jeff Bezos has been spending huge sums of money for the betterment of the society too. $690,000 was donated for the recovery of the Jungles in Australia after the biggest forest fires in January.  So, we hope that Jeff Bezos will use the money in positive ways when he becomes the first trillionaire.

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